(A)pril Fool’s Baby – Blogging From A-Z

No April Fool’s here. April¬†1st, 1963 cursed blessed my parents with a bouncing baby Aries girl!
I was born an Army brat on a military base in the northwest and I’ve been bucking taking orders ever since.
I’ve seen a lot of birthday posts where people make a list about themselves numbered according to their age. I’m not going to do that. Nobody cares and it takes too long to read, especially with it being opening day of the A to Z Challenge.
Instead, I’ll list a couple of fun facts and move it along.
‘He’s So Fine’ by the Chiffons

My dad was driving around this car, brought back from Germany.
Take note – He had 6 children… Lots of “lap sitting” and no seat belt laws back then.This cereal made it’s debut in 1963.I was never a fan. It rips the roof of your mouth open when it’s crunchy and tastes disgusting when it’s soggy. This cereal is definitely not a win/win for me.True story.
7 months after my birth our nation mourned…And given this is an election year, consider these words of wisdom.
They made sense then. They make sense now.
If you’re participating in the A to Z Challenge, happy reading, and participation to you!
If not, well, you’re just gonna’ have to endure 26 days of my participation, or not, but this is where I’ll be for the next 26 days.
Writing, reading and commenting on as many blogs as I can, laughing, crying, learning and maybe making a few new tribe members along the way.
That’s my goal. Cheerleaders welcome!
Unless you have a penis and then you just have attitude with a jock strap.
PS – Tomorrow I will begin my A to Z “theme” Angels & Devil’s but today it’s my bday so I get to do whatever the hell I want and post whatever the hell I want!
Okay, that may or may not be true.. I can’t really yell fire in a crowded building and I can’t have sex with Ryan Gosling.. But a girl can dream! Especially¬†iiiiffffffffffff….