(B)LESSINGS & BULLSHIT – Blogging from A to Z

I’m one of those drive-by blessing people. If I see someone broke down on the side of the road, I ask God to bless them. If I see someone walking, I automatically assume that they have no means of transportation and I ask God to bless them. The “homeless,” “down on their luck,” sign holders. I ask God to bless them.
And I know what you’re thinking, especially those of you who are part of my tribe, you’re waiting for the proverbial “other shoe” to drop. Surely there must be a flip side to Mimi’s drive-by blessings.
You know me so well.
I always wonder how many walking pedophiles I have blessed in my drive-bys. Or the guy that’s broke down on the side of the road was he on his way to murder his family? And I’m alllwaaayyyys suspect of the seemingly “homeless,” “down on their luck,” sign holders. Especially the ones who try and stare you down when you’re stopped at a light. There’s no humility in them. And the “single mom” holding the sign? God help her. I was a single mom. I didn’t hold a sign. Ya’ know what I held? A fucking job. Weird, I know. But the worst, the ones I absolutely DESPISE are the ones who claim to be U.S. Veterans. I want proof!
In any event, 8 times out of 10 they won’t get my cash but 10 times out of 10 they will get my blessings.
– Like I’m oh so wonderful that my blessings mean anything.-
The fact is, I don’t know these people. I don’t know their story. I do know my God and my God says, “Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow from thee turn not thou away.” (Matthew 5:42) He doesn’t ask us to be private investigators, (too late.) He simply tells us to give.
That being said, I keep the majority of my giving to the collection plate of my church. I know where that money is going.

I have to tell you though folks, as quick as my mind can flip from blessings to bullshit it’s the southerners who can really nail it, and they do it looking and sounding so stinkin’ sweet!
I lived in Arkansas for 5 years. This is the absolute truth.
Happy Saturday folks and happy A to Z-ing!