MISSED CONNECTION MONDAY – Alone again naturally…

“Missed Connection Monday” is brought to you by your local Craigslist. These are real “love notes” that strangers leave for other strangers in the ‘Personals’ section of Craigslist. Or as I like to call it –
‘Your local serial killer hunting ground.ASIAN MARKET
I saw you at the new Asian Market. We made eye-contact several times, I thought you were really cute and attractive. I wanted to come talk to you, but you were with someone. You had long black hair, petite, and kept smiling at me. I was the tallish white guy looking at the soba noodles. If you see this please hit me up I would love to get together sometime
***Pssst. She’s Asian. All white guys are tall to her. Enjoy those soba noodles.

You wearing pijamaa around lunch time. You were buying some six pack. Looked like had a long day. If you reading this, and want to grab coffee after work.
Let me know.
***Okay. Lemme’ get this straight. She’s out in public in her pijamamas as opposed to her cakejamas, buying some six-packs and she looks like she’s had a long day…
AT LUNCHTIME??? The day hasn’t even begun!

She must belong to that Less family and I’m guessing her name is Job Less.
Not to be confused with her brothers,
Home Less and Tooth Less.

Looks like you’ll be drinking that nasty ass gas station coffee…

Chevron McDonald’s drive thru, Sunday morning the 15th, across the street from the hospital on eagle. To the beautiful woman who bought my breakfast, wow that is the single most outgoing thing a girl has ever done for me. That didn’t make my day or week or month or year, that made my life, you have no idea. I would love to get to know a person like you. I’m 100% single if you see this and want to connect.
***To the beautiful woman, you may want to go have coffee with this guy, in the daylight with friends nearby but don’t let him see your vehicle or tell him where you work or what side of town you’re from and don’t mention your friend’s names either because he can look those up and make connections back to you and if he’s a nutjob you definitely don’t want that.
Honestly, tho, if you buying him breakfast made his life this seems like a low key, easy to please guy to me. If you’re single. It’s worth a shot.

I know, I know. I didn’t give my standard “run” advice to the “beautiful woman” but sometimes ya’ gotta’ give a guy a chance. They’re not all serial killers…
Yeah… I can’t believe I wrote that either. Seriously. Anybody else feel like that weekend just flew by???

I had plans for sewing but my son texted me and asked if I would make some hats for his friend that was diagnosed with lymphoma and is starting chemo.
Absolutely! I’d be honored. Comfy, warm chemo hats trump Halloween sewing hands down without question!

I text my son back and ask what her favorite colors are and how old she is.
“Oh, thanks, mom. Purple and blue are her favorite colors and she’s 21.”

Just in case I haven’t said it enough in my life and on this blog let me say it again.
Not to be “Debbie Downer…”
How was your weekend???
Have any of you started checking off your fall bucket lists?
I’ve been enjoying spending time outside in the fall weather so that’s one thing on my list. I’ve still got a whole list to go tho!

What’s your favorite fall thing to do?
I like the corn mazes or I like to bitch about going thru them I don’t remember “witch.” – See what I did there?
I wrote about going thru the corn maze once before. If you missed it you can read about it here. Apparently, no child left behind doesn’t apply to moms in corn mazes…

Here’s to the new week ahead! May it be filled with nothing but sunny days, blue skies and warm fuzzies all around!
Be well.


This morning WAS chilly! It’s the first time I’ve thought about turning on the heat to take that chill off!
I won’t say “bbbrrr” just yet but I will say snuggly robe and slippers. Don’t get outta’ bed without ’em!
Oh, and pumpkin bread n’ coffee. It’s what’s for breakfast around here.
If you read yesterday’s post I mentioned that we would be going to the “Scarecrow Stroll” at the Idaho Botanical Gardens. Well, we kicked that idea around and decided we wanted to do a corn maze instead and ended up at ‘Linder Farms.’
This was our first time going and there’s a lot of kid stuff but we just wanted in the corn maze and pumpkin patch!
Here’s the map of the corn maze.
6 miles of trails! I don’t know how many miles we trekked but we were in that crazy thing for over two and a half hours! Not even kidding.
The first time you get lost it’s funny.
The second time, you’ve still got a smile on your face.
The third and fourth time?
Yeah. Not so much. If I’d of had a machete there wouldn’t be a corn maze left!

And speaking of left.
My kids thought it would be super funny to take off and leave me while they went in search of a “You are here” poster!
FYI, not the least bit funny.
This was my “You are here” spot! I’ve gotta’ tell ya’. Going thru a corn maze when you’re over 50 is A LOT different than when you’re a teenager! Holy cannoli!

Did I happen to mention there’s a bridge in this corn maze? A bridge you have to climb up, cross and then climb back down, on top of the 6 miles of trails???
I’m pretty sure the corn mazes growing up weren’t at all like this one.
What a workout! I thought I was just gonna’ stroll thru a lit’l corn field.

Yeah. Definitely not strolling, definitely not little but definitely a lot of fun.
I suggest laughing and cussing your way thru it .
It helps.
After spending over two and a half hours in the corn maze we were wiped out and decided we’d get  our pumpkins on another day. Climbing on a flatbed wooden trailer being pulled by some rickety old farm tractor and being jostled across a rutted field just wasn’t happening.
It really was a beautiful fall day tho and we really did laugh our way thru the maze.
We finished up just before we felt a couple of raindrops and ended our day with this.
Perfection. Thank you, Little Ceasars!
Oh. And by “we” I mean these two. They were my corn maze companions.
The kids who abandoned me!
I birthed the one on the right. He looks a lot like his dad.
When’s the last time any of you went thru a corn maze?
Was it as you remembered when you were a kid??
Did you ever get lost??
Please tell me I’m not the only one!

What’s on tap for youse guys today? Are you going any place fall-ish??
I’ll be sitting at my sewing machine putting quilts together and breaking only to do some visiting and reading of your blogs. I’m going to try and not look outside and see what another beautiful fall day is waiting for me out there because I really do have soooo much to do.

Happy Wednesday folks! If you can, if you want, get out and enjoy the day!
Mimi’s quote of the day – Corn maze specific and this would’ve been super helpful yesterday.