***I’m probably the last person on the planet to know this but McDonald’s now has McDelivery??
Are you McFucking kidding me???
Are there people who eat McDonald’s that really need those heart attacks in a bag DELIVERED???
Get the hell off the couch people! This is McRidiculous!
PS – This was in today’s mail. It expired in Dec. 2017
I wonder how many people are McCrying.
Okay, raise your hands if you would ever have fast food delivered to your home and Chinese food doesn’t count. Also, if you’re wheelchair bound or sick or whatever. That doesn’t count either.

I hope you’re all having an awesome Friday. The party never ends at my place! Sewing and paranormal shows where people STAY in the homes that are HAUNTED.

I’m just gonna’ put this out there and you can call me a wuss or whatever but if my house has dead people sitting on my kids’ beds or throwing glasses at me. Guess what? I’m fucking out of there! If you’ve got friends and family, go stay with them or a shelter or in a flippin’ tent in the park but get the hell out of the house!
SIDE NOTE: I’ve lived in 3 haunted houses but not with creepy old dead families and freaky six-legged shadowy things that try to swallow up my kids and dog!

Here’s my tip.
If your home requires a paranormal team and an exorcism.