FIRST – Woohoo! We can officially say it’s “fall y’all!” Well, not me because I’m not from the south, and seriously,  if you don’t have that “southern twang thang” going on with your voice when you say”y’all”, you sound dumb it just doesn’t work.

SECOND – Hi everyone! I meant to have this post written for the first day of fall but as always life has other plans and here we are 4 days later. What the hell…  I hope your fall has arrived and is staying. Unless, of course, you’re one of those demons who love summer, then I guess I hope you’re still enjoying those hellish temps. Here in Mimi-land where we love the fall, the cold, and all things snowy and Christmassy, our fall is being a little asshole tricky and by tricky I mean it can’t make up its mind if it’s still summer or finally fall. Totally blows. FYI Mother Nature, it’s fucking fall! Get it together!


Okay, onto my new Monday feature…
You guys, I don’t understand what is happening with some of these social media sites. It’s like they’re the portal of all things stupid!
TikTok is famous for it’s “challenges” and this one seems to be their latest.
“Sleepy Chicken.”

What is #sleepychicken??? Here, let me answer that for you. “Sleepy chicken” is fucking stupid! That’s what “sleepy chicken” is!

What planet are we on that the FDA has to warn people not to cook chicken in Nyquil???  It’s fucking mind-boggling. Seriously. Does this even look like something you’d want to eat??? It makes me want to vomit!

TikTok is also home to the “Tide Pod” challenge where people were EATING Tide Pods!!!

Again, what fucking planet are we on that a government safety commission has to tell people NOT to EAT laundry pods??!! I don’t get it. Is society so bored that they just sit around and come up with these asinine ideas??? Holy hell. These people need to be dropped off in the woods somewhere without their cell phones. Find out what plants are safe to eat. There’s a challenge.

We need to roll the clock back to these kinds of challenges…

Geesh… How has your fall started out? Real fall or fall-se start?? (See what I did there?) What about the past weekend? Who did something fun?? Or not so fun?? I was feeling a little under the weather this past weekend so I didn’t do much. The prior weekend was the street fair and I still need to post on that. It was a lot of fun with a lot of people.

I hope all is well in your corners of the world. I hope no one was or is, in the path of the hurricanes in Canada and Florida. Reason #8,678,241 that I will never live in Florida. Too many storms! Hurricanes… People…

Stay safe everyone. Enjoy your fall or Indian summer or whatever the hell Mother Nature is sending your way! Unless, of course, it’s those hurricanes… In which case, get the hell outta’ there!