FESTIVAL OF WORDS #5 – Write Tribe – Day 2

Last month, before I disappeared from social media lest my head explode from all of the negative bullshit going on online, I had written a post featuring my friend Dawn, the soap maker. You can read the post here, and you can read all about Dawn and her phenomenal craftsmanship over at her site, ‘Paisley Soap Works’ where, interestingly enough, you may also purchase her exquisite products.
And I do mean exquisite.
Shortly after my post about Dawn, I received a little card in my mailbox from the postman stating that I had a package to pick up. Of course, the postman has the handwriting of a serial killer so I had no idea who the package was from. I hadn’t ordered anything so I’m always a bit fearful that one of my fans ex-husband has sent me something that may or may not be ticking, and may or may not explode upon opening.
At the post office, I hand my orange lit’l card to the handsome guy behind the counter.
PO Guy – (With a great, big, cheery smile) “Are you Mimi?” 

Me“That’s me.” (No great, big, cheery smile. It’s too fucking early in the morning for great, big, cheery smiles.)

PO Guy – (Still smiling.) “Oh, we’ve all been waiting for you and now we’re all going to be a little sad.” 
Creepy. I’m not even at the counter five minutes and I’m thinking this whole visit has been ripped from the pages of the ‘Twilight Zone’ and I’m ready to stroll. Curiosity, however, gets the better of me and I wait for whatever comes next. You have to know I was half expecting confetti to start falling from the ceiling because this guy was acting like such a flippin’ weirdo.

Me – (Clearly confused and slightly irritated.) “Um, am I like the millionth customer to walk through the door or something? Cuz, I gotta’ be honest here. You’re kinda’ weirdin’ me out. Why have you all been waiting for me and why will you all, whoever “you all” is, be sad?”

PO Guy“Just a moment.” (Seriously thought the guy was going to dance his way to the back room and come out holding my package with jazz hands. Think Jack on “Will & Grace.”)  He disappears to the back of the post office and returns with my package and 3 co-workers in tow. – Not kidding folks. –
“Here you are.” – He glides the box under his nose and gently places it in my hands. IMMEDIATELY without looking at the return label I know who it’s from and I know why they were all waiting for me and why they’d be sad when this wondrous lit’l box left their back room.I kid you not folks. The smell coming from the box was like someone brought in a million bouquets of flowers mixed with the smells of one of those amazing lit’l new age shops that you might pop into for some essential oils or a deck of Taro cards, OR, some sensational, handcrafted soaps! Everyone at the post office was just absolutely gushing.
These are the treasures Dawn so generously sent to me.
The big box in the middle is a bar of the “Dragon’s Blood,” absolutely divine.. I have all of these in a basket in my bathroom and two steps into my front door, this is what you smell. It’s amazing. The soaps are amazing. Oh, and that bottle of lotion? That’s called, “Spiced Pumpkin” and it smells JUST LIKE a homemade pumpkin pie! Not kidding. I’m super picky about two fragrances, lavender, and anything pumpkin because NOBODY gets those two scents right when they’re making their lotions or oils or candles. Guess what? Dawn does.
I really can’t say enough about these soaps, lotions, and oils. What I can say is, if you’re looking for a quality product true to it’s advertising, reasonably priced, and you’re looking for something that smells and feels absolutely heavenly, ‘Paisley Soap Works” is where you want to make your purchase.
Again, you can order your handcrafted deliciousness at Dawn’s website, ‘Paisley Soap Works‘ or contact her via her ‘Paisley Soap Works’ Facebook page. And if you haven’t gone over and shown her a lit’l love by hitting the “like button” please do. We should all support our local craftsman and artisans. They’re a dying breed and we need to let them know we appreciate them.
Mimi’s quote for the day –