#25 – People… People who need…

People who need to get a life!
And by people. I mean me.
A perfect example of me needing to get a life?
So many to choose from..

Sometimes… If I’m watching a show or I see something in my Facebook newsfeed about some celebrity, boom, there I am on People.com getting the skinny on “Where are they now?” Or just verifying that one of those idiot famous for being famous chicks really did get that ass implant.
I know, right? Complete and total waste of time.
I told you. I so need to get a life…

So, I’m on People.com and of aaaallllll the headlines they’ve got going on…
Jada Pinkett Smith the drug dealer, Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) hangs himself, O.J. gets paroled… Which one do I click on???

Hhhhmm how ’bout something exciting like…
Ina Garten Shares Her ‘Secret’ To Perfect Guacamole That Won’t Turn Brown.’
Not even lyin’.
Seriously. I need a life.
Oh, and spoiler alert. Her secret is lots of lemon juice. Not a huge secret to anyone on the planet who’s ever made guacamole. Ugh.
I can’t believe I wasted 5 minutes of my life reading about it and yet, there’s the link up there if you too would like to waste 5 minutes of your life.
When I’m not looking up useless information and turning my brain into a sprawling waste land confined within my skull… I like to crochet.
I made these for my granddaughter due in Oct. – SO EXCITED for her arrival!
They were all a lot of fun to make and they should be plenty warm for those northern Michigan winters.
I’m really diggin’ making hats and you’ll be seeing A LOT of these in my posts for kids and adults.

I also made my grandson a couple of t-shirts. One to wear to the baby shower and one just to open when all of the baby stuff is being oohed and aahed over.
The red shirt is a quote from the show Game of Thrones.
I know I’ve been gone but I’ve still been trying to get all of you read. I hope you’re having a fantastic weekend. I’m planning on doing a whole lotta’ nothing. Fingers, eyes, and toes all crossed that those plans come to fruition.
Mimi’s quote for the day –