“R” is for romance. “R” is also for reality.
And the devil is in the details.
Being in love can turn some of the most angelic romantic moments into the devil’s own.a.)  Who doesn’t love a romantic snuggle? Key word being snuggle which is clearly what this photo depicts because if that guy had really been sleeping his arm wouldn’t be wrapped around Miss Bedhead.
No. The reality is….His arm would be falling asleep, tingling, possibly cramping and getting very sweaty.
The human head can weigh up to 11lbs!
b.)  And let’s talk about her snuggling into his armpit… Disgusting! There is nothing romantic about snuggling somebody’s armpit!  I don’t care if you’ve just showered and are marinating in all of your “I’m so sexy” body spray. Nobody wants to lay in or sniff a hairy armpit!
And while we’re on the romantic snuggling topic. This whole face to face thing – for the whoooollllle night – is not romantic. Much like nobody wants to sniff a hairy armpit. Nobody wants to breathe in somebody else’s nose air all night.
Don’t get me wrong. I love me some romantic snuggling just as much as the next girl but when it’s time to sleep, it’s time to sleep! You on your side of the bed and me on mine.
And by mine I mean the whole bed is my side because I sleep like a naked starfish!
Yeah, this whole breakfast in bed thing? It’s a romantic idea. However…
The reality is, this is a disaster waiting to happen! Inevitably, somebody has to get up off of that bed which means something on that tray is either going to tip over and/or spill. And seriously. Who eats laying down on their stomachs?
This type of romance is best left in the movies.
Another type of romance best left in the movies? The romantic dinner date.

Why? Because the reality is, you’ve got this happening right next to your table.
***TIP – If the sign on the restaurant reads, “FAMILY Dining.” Plan your romantic dinner elsewhere because kids rule here.
And speaking of kids… We all know that romance leads to them which is why you need to get as many romantic moments in as you can before they arrive. Because after they’re here, the reality is this. In the words of that romantic song by Huey Lewis, “That’s the power of love!”Somewhere deep inside the misshapen lump of steel I call my heart resides a girl who still believes this.

My reality, though, has been this…

I think Joe Pesci summed it up best for me in the movie ‘With Honors.’ If you happen to come across it while you’re channel surfing it’s worth a watch.
Joe Pesci plays a bum but he wasn’t always a bum. And this is what he said about the reality of his romance in the movie.
I get it…It’s a rainy, much cooler day here folks so I’ll be doing inside stuff.
I know with A to Z we’re actually on letter “S” but I’ll blog on Sunday and get caught up. I was all ready to post yesterday and then Prince died and it took me a minute to come to grips with that. It’s still unreal. – Feel free to make fun of me for getting weepy over someone I never knew. I make fun of me all the time. –
I can’t believe it was the flu of all things and I think it’s totally unfair that all of the good celebrities are dying and all of the jerks celebrities are still breathing the free air.
#totally bummed