SIDE NOTE: I’m writing this in moments when I can breathe, my head isn’t pounding and I’m somewhat coherent and upright.

I’ve been a lit’l under the weather and I’m super curious to know how much snot the human head can produce because mine seems to refill itself every five minutes. Gross but not kidding.

Of course, I blame my illness on some idiot woman who coughed and sneezed her way thru the grocery store WITHOUT COVERING HER MOUTH  while her 3 squalling kids blew snot bubbles in her cart.

I went to the dr. the other day and sat in a room surrounded by more coughing, sneezing NON-COVERING people and found out it’s just a “bug” that’s going around.
I hate being sick and pretty soon I know I’m going to be one of those weirdos out there walking around in a mask because some dumbass doesn’t know how to cover their fucking mouth and wash their hands!
leaves barThe doc gave me the standard, plenty of fluids and rest speech for “the bug” and then prescribed two other meds not related to “the bug.” I am so attempting to avoid one of those weekly pill holder things and I’m a little disappointed that my dr. is not helping me with this goal. In her defense, she may be focused on other goals for me so I’ll give her a pass.
For the moment.
leaves barMy baby boy turned 23 on Tuesday. Not entirely sure where that time went…
Such a great guy. I just love him so much and am super proud of the young man he has become.
Here’s a pic of him from earlier this summer (on the right) when he and his fiance’ went on a scavenger hunt all thru Boise to meet one of his favorite actors, Aaron Paul from ‘Breaking Bad.’
Happy Birthday “T-Bone.”  #GreatSmile  #NoBraces
leaves barI’ve been trying to catch up on all of your blog posts which is a huge plus for me because it keeps me upright and I don’t get swallowed whole by my marshmallow head. The downside to this is of course. I have marshmallow head and medicine head so I tend to nod off or find myself rereading simple words like “the” and “what.” I appreciate your patience as I make my rounds.leaves barI finally finished ALL seasons of CSI. So disappointing. So many story lines left undone. I suppose they do that so they can do reunion shows or whatever but if there aren’t going to be any of those. The ending of CSI just blows.

I’m currently catching up on ‘Cedar Cove’ and barely making it thru because of the atrocious acting of one of the lead characters but hopefully, his leading lady will fall in love with someone else and he’ll be gone. I don’t mind horrible actors in minor roles but if you’re the lead guy you should be able to act. – Just my opinion.
leaves barThey’re redoing our parking lot and parking stalls and holy hell! The never-ending sound of their rigs backing up, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP makes my head want to explode. They start at 8am and finish at 5pm. THEN, once they’re done repaving, they’ll be seal coating. Ugh. The smells, the sounds, AND having to park all the way on the other side out at the main road. I’m sure I wouldn’t care quite so much if I wasn’t a bitchy sick person.

I have a few crafty things I’m working on but I’m too wiped out to take pics at the moment, so, another day then.

I hope all of you remain healthy and that you catch none of the “bugs” that may be going around in your area. Michigan is super cool. One of their news channels just posted a list of “bugs” going around out there. I wish Idaho would do the same. It’d be nice to have a heads up on this crap.
Be well my friends!
If anybody needs me I’ll be following Mimi’s quote for the day.leaves barleaves barfeather