christmas-23-dayssnowflake-gray-lineSome people, maybe most people, call it a “White Elephant Christmas.”
We always called it a “Chinese Christmas.” I have no idea where either of those names came from but they’re both basically the same Christmas get together game.
Sort of like Monopoly is basically the same game – depending on who you’re playing with.
snowflake-gray-lineHere are the rules to the “White Elephant Christmas.”
Just click on the pic. I chose one of the random websites of thousands that explain this game.
(These are the same rules we used for our “Chinese Christmas.”)
snowflake-gray-lineSo, hopefully, you clicked on the link and read the rules.
If not, I’m skipping a whole lotta’ shit here and jumping straight to the gifts.
Invite your people. Set a price on how much everybody spends on a gift.
Everybody brings a gift for at least that price.
You can spend more on a gift but you shouldn’t  spend less than the agreed upon amount.
The gifts can be useful, they can be a dud, they can be a pair of fucking socks – who knows.
As an example, here are some homemade/store bought “White Elephant,” “Chinese Christmas” gift ideas $20 dollars and under.
snowflake-gray-lineFor the book lover on your list –

And the music lover – (Who can resist “The Hoff?”)cmas-gifts-david-hasselhoff
For the girl in your life who just doesn’t want to let summer go –
And here’s a handmade version – sort of…
Guys always need new underwear –

And Christmas Eve is always Christmas pajama day –

Surely there’s a girl on your list who loves her shower gel –
cmas-gifts-blood-shower-gelAnd don’t forget the stocking stuffers – Students, kids starting out on their own.
I would actually like to try this.. I love wasabi!

And who doesn’t love a good ‘ol fashion jigsaw puzzle?
Oh, but wait. In case it’s a combo party. “White Elephant,” “Chinese Christmas,” AND “Ugly Christmas Sweater.”
Well then, here ya’ go!
Side Note – It appears these lovely holiday sweaters are only available in children sizes.
Mental Note – Rename family Christmas party.
“White Elephant,” “Chinese Christmas,” “Ugly Christmas Sweater,” “Bring Your Freaky Kids” Christmas party.
cmas-gifts-ugly-sweater1snowflake-gray-lineIt’s Friday folks and a late post which will end with me snuggling in and watching some ‘Scandal’ on Netflix – I may be an addict. – I finished all 12 seasons of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and that was amazing. ‘Scandal’ appears to be as well although it does remind me an awful lot of ‘House of Cards’ with Kevin Spacey – also on Netflix.
I need a fucking life.

What’s your weekend looking like? I’ve got a quilt to start and finish this weekend and some shopping and wrapping and baking to get done. Fingers, eyes and toes all crossed that everything will be ready to be mailed out on Monday.

It’s gotten cold here and we’ve had a few flurries but so far no snow. The ground is still too warm nothing sticks. Last year we only had snow twice in the valley and it barely covered the grass. No complaints here. If we want snow it’s just a short drive away…

Here’s to a productive, warm n’ snuggly weekend!
snowflake-gray-lineMimi’s quote of the day –