Listen. Can you hear the angels singing in heaven???
Unfortunately, the devil resides on planet earth…Case and point.
This post comes with a complimentary bottle of eye bleach.
You’re welcome.
***Tomorrow is the end of the Blogging from A to Z challenge.
Can I get a hell yeah?!
It’s been a lot of fun and I thank all of you so, so much for following along with me on my, “I swear I’m never going to do this challenge again” journey.

As suggested by Joe over at ‘The Cranky Old Man,’ tomorrow’s last and final word of the challenge will be (Z)IPPER!
What could possibly go wrong??
If you aren’t already, I encourage you all to stop by “Cranky’s” blog and show some love.
It’s one of my most favorite blogs in the whole wide blog-o-verse and it will be one of yours too!
So go on over and take a look around and leave him some comment love!

DISCLAIMER: If tomorrow’s post has you reaching for the eye bleach again. Blame “Cranky!