Two words – Stephen King.
Creepiest hospital ever.

Creepy elevator music.

AND! Not even kidding. The other day the doors opened and there, on the other side, TWIN GIRLS!

Creepy corridors.

Creepy metal bug light things.

Yeah, they look real artsy n’ cool until you realize that’s the only light you have walking through the creepy corridors!

Flavorless food.

It looked plastic and tasted like it.

Weird menu.

American comforts???
Ginger citrus chicken breast?? Grilled Tilapia with tropical chutney??
Really??? I hate to break it to ’em but American comfort foods are mac n’ cheese, mashed potatoes n’ gravy, fried chicken, chicken n’ dumplings, grilled cheese n’ tomato soup, NOT ginger, citrus and tropical anything!

Needless-to-say it’s been a busy week for me. I feel like I could drive the roads to the hospital in my sleep. My sister is still in. I was hoping we could bust her out way sooner than this but some things just take time, and as of today, that time will be sometime next week.
Holy cannoli.

In other news, I’m pretty sure I totally fucked up my own personal challenge to complete the ‘September Challenge.’

Kudos to the full-time caregivers of this world. I don’t know how you do what you do.

16 thoughts on “STEPHEN KING WAS HERE

  1. That sounds suspiciously like California comfort food…NOT what you’d find in Idaho!!! Lol
    Hopefully your sissy will get out early next week, gotta be driving her stir CRAZY! And bless you for being there for her, I know she appreciates it!
    God Bless the caregivers!!!


  2. I love how you both love your sister and creep us all out about the hospital she’s in! The food obviously looks better than it tastes and it sounds great to me, from the menu, but you’re right, not comfort food. Nope. No way.
    Hoping she gets herself righted sooner rather than later. Bless you for being the one she can count on. It is tough to be the caregiver, but it’s also very rewarding. And for those of us who might be control freaks, it’s even necessary.


  3. This would be hilarious if it wasn’t for the fact that your sister and you have to go through the experience, Karen. I hope she’s on the mend and you will be relieved of your caregiving duties soon. Been there, done that and it’s tough! I too am all admiration for people who do this every day.


  4. You really saw twin girls there? Those lights are weird. The hospital pics you took are pretty surreal. I hope your sis is better soon. I don’t know how full time caretakers do it either. It’s just not in me.


    1. YES! Two little twin Mexican girls standing with their mom and grandmom. They didn’t speak English so all of my ‘Shining’ references were lost on them but everybody else got it. – Yeah, nursing would’ve never been my chosen profession..


  5. Here’s hoping your sister will be released from that creepy hospital soon! Caregiving is mentally and physically draining. I went through two years of that and know how difficult it is. Take good care of yourself too!

    Those lights are surreal and the corridors look haunted! The menu looked good but definitely not what you’d call typical comfort food.


  6. Thank you Debbie! And kudos to you for those two years. I can’t even get through two hours and all I’m doing is visiting. It’s frustrating, and you’re right, mentally and physically draining..


  7. well that’s the shits! here’s hoping she get’s the fuck outta there soon!
    the bug lights, ummm no. was it built on a swamp?

    hmmm, let’s see now,,, from the american comfort food menu looks like my only meatless option would be the 5-cheese vegetarian lasagna (because that’s always the only fucking option) but then i’d be all bound up and need an enema, of course administrated by some young strapping stud man-nurse.
    well anyway… speedy recovery karen’s sister!


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