I’m not a fan of horror flicks or books. Stephen King is about “It” for me and only ONE of his books/flicks…

I’ve seen a few more but I’m a one-time watcher only. I know people who like to watch them over and over and over. I would not be that person!

I don’t like to be scared and I don’t like those jump-scare movies either. I tried watching those scary movies my kids watch and I jumped so many times I thought I was being electrocuted!

Oh. And I don’t like creepy dolls either. I won’t even go down the doll aisle in the toy section at the store! Nope. Not fucking it. 

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be one of Stephen King’s kids. I mean seriously, what would you be afraid of??

And I would totally love to see his house at Halloween.
From a distance…

How about you? Any horror fans out there? What are your faves? Movies? Books?
Share in the comments and please don’t let me be the only baby in the group. Somebody else must get scared like I do!


OCTOBER TWENTY EIGHT – Missed Connection Monday – Mimi “Flu” the coop!

“Missed Connection Monday” is brought to you by your local Craigslist. These are real “love notes” that strangers leave for other strangers in the ‘Personals’ section of Craigslist. Or as I like to call it –
‘Your local serial killer hunting ground.
I saw you and wanted to talk to you, but was with my two young ones. I thought we shared a fleeting glance. Was I wrong?
You had a cart full and I felt like there was a possibility of meeting again.
If by chance you see this, tell me what was in your cart so I know it’s you.
***Hhhmm. What was in my cart? Bullets for my husband’s gun. ZERO possibility of meeting again and no, we did not share a fleeting glance. We shared an “I’m here to get tampons and chocolate and bullets leave me the fuck alone” glare. But thanks. And as they say at Walmart, have a nice day.

We danced a few times last night and really didn’t get a chance to talk much. I wanted to get your number when I went to ask you were already gone. I would love to talk more. If you see this let’s grab a drink. Tell me what I was so I know it’s you.. Hope to hear from ya!
Wow, what else can I say. We had a brief conversation at Barnes and Noble on Tues. We exchanged several glances in the store and waved and said goodbye when you left. You are short, dark hair. Super nice, great smile, and extremely hot! I definitely would have attempted to have more conversation but you were with someone. (I am pretty sure she knew I wanted to talk more) No idea, other than this, how to find you again. OR perhaps you will be in the same spot again? Tell me what section of the store we first met in and what color you were wearing.
***Super easy. We met at the coffee bar. I was wearing black and you can find me right here at my blog! Finally, somebody missed ME! 
Hi everyone… (Waving from the little known town of Flu-ville.) Holy smokes. When this flu hits, it REALLY hits! Man… I’m still kinda’ floating on the tail end of things but feeling SO much better than I was. My son was hit hard with it and almost hospitalized. Thankfully he’s nearly a hundred percent now.

Boy, I’ll tell ya’, this flu is no joke. I don’t know if it’s different than in years past or I’m just fucking old but once it gets a hold of you it’s a tough one to shake.
Also. I’d just like to state for the record that I did, in fact, have my flu shot so I think this is bullshit.

Also bullshit? This menu.
How have all of you been? I hope none of you have been down with this flu or a cold or anything else that makes you feel like total crap!

Anybody got any snow yet? No snow here in the valley… YET! I’m waiting. A dusting on the mountains and a town 45 minutes away got 4″. So weird.

It’s a brand new week. Who’s got plans? There is always much to do around here. Last night was pumpkin carving night. My DIL is the queen of all things horror and her pumpkin was very cool. She and my son LOVE the Stephen King movie, IT.
I made them a couple of IT Pennywise pics.
A lit’l too creepy for me but they dig it.

Also. Here’s the latest hats I’ve made. All super soft and warm.
It’s time to tie some hats and scarves to the trees for the homeless!
It’s getting cold!

Well… I think it’s time to hit up the B.R.A.T menu for those mouth-watering breakfast choices… What’ll it be?? Bananas, rice, applesauce or toast?? Hhhm.
It’ll be coffee. That’s what it’ll be!
Be well.


Soooo, this is a real thing now.
No. Seriously. Real clowns. The fun kind – if there are such a kind – started this movement.
See. They’re having a march and everything!
Clown Lives Matter is a real thing now.
The whole idea of this just makes my head hurt.
Are people really this stupid???
And not just the Clown Lives Matter people but the other jackasses dressing up like clowns too!
What is the deal with these clowns??
It started with a report of clowns trying to lure kids into the woods.
Then clowns were being arrested for terroristic threats.
Then clown Halloween costumes were banned at some schools.
Then there were rumors of clowns being shot and real clowns being afraid for their lives.
AND THEN – Clown Lives Matter.
What is the end game here?
The real clowns, the fake clowns, the Clown Lives Matter movement.
What are people hoping to accomplish with this??
I don’t get it.

Are real clowns seriously comparing their “plight” with that of the Black Lives Matter movement??
Has there been even one – true – headline about cops killing clowns?
Has there been thousands of reported cases of clown on clown crime??
I’m gonna’ go with “no” on all counts.

Here’s the thing clowns. Before you get too caught up in this baseless movement of yours, remember this.
At the end of the day, you can always take off your clown shit.
Black people can’t take the color of their skin off.
I do NOT support the Black Lives Matter OR the Clowns Lives Matter movement.
IN OTHER NEWS – It’s supposed to be near 80 here today and even tho it’s a beautiful day and the outdoors are calling to me, I must stay on task and get my “to do” list done TODAY!
Car maintenance, errands, and laundry!
Hopefully, there will enough day left in my day to get out and enjoy one of the last warm days of the year.

I was happy to see that Hurricane Matthew has calmed down a bit. Not to say he hasn’t and still isn’t wreaking havoc down south but it could have been much, much worse and I’m thankful it was not. Fingers, eyes and toes all crossed that there isn’t a hiccup, a change of wind, anything that would cause even more destruction.

Here’s to plenty of sunshine, fleeting rains and calm winds ahead for the weekend.
Mimi’s quote for the day
Special thanks to Stephen King for intensifying my fear of clowns.


Two words – Stephen King.
Creepiest hospital ever.

Creepy elevator music.

AND! Not even kidding. The other day the doors opened and there, on the other side, TWIN GIRLS!

Creepy corridors.

Creepy metal bug light things.

Yeah, they look real artsy n’ cool until you realize that’s the only light you have walking through the creepy corridors!

Flavorless food.

It looked plastic and tasted like it.

Weird menu.

American comforts???
Ginger citrus chicken breast?? Grilled Tilapia with tropical chutney??
Really??? I hate to break it to ’em but American comfort foods are mac n’ cheese, mashed potatoes n’ gravy, fried chicken, chicken n’ dumplings, grilled cheese n’ tomato soup, NOT ginger, citrus and tropical anything!

Needless-to-say it’s been a busy week for me. I feel like I could drive the roads to the hospital in my sleep. My sister is still in. I was hoping we could bust her out way sooner than this but some things just take time, and as of today, that time will be sometime next week.
Holy cannoli.

In other news, I’m pretty sure I totally fucked up my own personal challenge to complete the ‘September Challenge.’

Kudos to the full-time caregivers of this world. I don’t know how you do what you do.