In December, I like to do a lit’l something called “a clean sweep.” I start with my clothes. If I don’t like something, but it’s still in good shape I toss it into the “Good Will” pile. If I don’t like it and it’s seen better days, it ends up as a “car rag” or in the trash. I try to live by the rule that if I haven’t worn it in a year, it’s out, but as with most rules, there are exceptions.

If I haven’t worn it in a year just because I haven’t worn it in a year, it’s definitely gone. If I haven’t worn it in a year because I’m still working on whittling down my girlish figure, it stays. Unless of course it’s dated and then it goes no matter how much weight I lose. The 80’s aren’t coming back folks so rid yourself of the notion and any 80’s wardrobe you may have hangin’ around.

On that note – Interestingly enough, skinny jeans are back but sadly – sniff, sniff – gravity old age dictates I cannot wear them again… Sigh.
Big sagging ass + big sagging boobs + skinny jeans = Blindness and projectile vomiting for all those around me.

I also make a “clean sweep” of paperwork. I’m a receipt hoarder. I keep receipts from 30 days to a whole year, depending on what I’ve purchased. I don’t think its a bad thing but in most cases it’s certainly unnecessary. But still, I do it. So the last week of December has me going through a mountain of receipts because after a year, ya’ never know. I may want to return that case of yogurt I bought back in February…

The freezer, fridge and cabinets get a clean sweep too. I’m absolutely anal with expiration dates on food! I’m constantly checking online to see how long food stuff will actually keep. I like this site, ‘Eat By Date‘ because it tells you other bits of info to consider when you’re deciding whether to toss it or keep it. If you’re into food storage for the long haul you’ll find lots of good info here, ‘Prepared Housewives.’

Emotionally, I make an effort to toss out old negative feelings and replace them with new warm fuzzies to start the New Year. I always look at the New Year as my last and final present to be opened because inside my glorious New Year’s box are even more presents!
This is me waiting for the New Year.
A year FULL of presents! Endless possibilities and all things wonderful that are yet to come! A surprise awaiting me around every corner! When the New Year comes I am definitely an “out with the old, in with the new” kinda’ girl.

Something the “out with the old, in with the new” phrase doesn’t apply to?
FABRIC! Seriously, is there even such a thing?? Old fabric, new fabric..
It’s fabric people and you can never have enough or too much of it!

Do you do an end of the year “out with the old, in with the new?”
What do you get rid of and what absolutely stays??

17 thoughts on “OUT WITH THE OLD

  1. I don’t do this at the end of the year, for me it’s more like spring cleaning. I guess we all do it differently and as long as we’re doing this then all is right with the world.

    Have a fabulous day. โ˜บ

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  2. I do my yearly purge in the spring. Although I haven’t done it w/ my clothes at all. I weeded out a lot when I moved east so I already have a very small/limited wardrobe. I hate clothes shopping. I get rid of stuff as I see it too. My craft room is probably one of the few places that I won’t purge cause I need all the craft supplies.


    1. Thank you Jolene but my fridge and cabinets are really just because I’m terrified of old food anywhere in my kitchen. The rest of it is just crap that piles up and I seriously need to get rid of. I like starting the New Year with as clean a slate as I can!


  3. Not counting broken down junk that head right to the trash. But slowly I been going though each closet, cabinet, shelf, and room..taking 10% or more to the thrift store.
    I need to get back to the smaller bed room, which will be a sewing room. After that I’ll be under the stairs or to the pantry.
    My big issue is “paper clutter”

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  4. The post is a coincidence because just today morning I happened to clean my wardrobe to throw away the old ragged worn out clothes from a few years back! I hope to continue till tonight for my closest is in dire need of a make over. It has started becoming harder to pick a cloth for the day.


  5. Skinny jeans are back? Crap, I cannot wear them, they are too skinny, does not flatter my shape at my age and besides, they are just not comfortable anymore!! Iโ€™m a receipt hoarder too and reading this reminds me to start getting rid of old receipts. I donโ€™t really do end of year โ€œout with the oldโ€ stuff but I should. Love that image of the little girl holding her presents with anticipation! Karen, may your New Year be very bright and filled with wonderful possibilities!! ๐Ÿ™‚



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