Dear Self,
It’s cold. It’s pouring down rain. It’s 4:30 in the morning, why the hell aren’t you sleeping???

Yeah, well, “self” has no answer for that so here I sit, bright eyed and bushy haired, coffee in hand ready to take on the day. Okay, not really ready at this moment but a few more cups of my cowboy coffee with ‘Frosted Sugar Cookie’ creamer in it and I will be!

If you guys haven’t tried this stuff right here, you really should because it will turn any cup of coffee into a cup of heaven. So, so yummy. Like a Christmas cookie in a mug!
Love this stuff!
Side note: Obviously I drink a lot of tea at my house too.
#lipton  #yogi  #sleepytime

The mood just kinda’ struck me for today’s prompt as I came across some rather interesting Christmas ornaments online and I thought, who would put this shit on their Christmas tree?? Personally, I wouldn’t hang not a one of ’em on any tree in my home but to each his/her own if you happen to be in the nut hut, right?

Creepy doll face. No thanks.

Creepy, old German ornaments. I think my parents actually had some ornaments similar to these and I’m pretty sure I thought they were creepy then too.

Serial killer ornament?

Um, just because you put a Santa hat on it doesn’t make it Christmassy…

What THE hell?? Who’s sitting around thinking, hey, I know! Let’s snap the arm off of a doll, glitter it up and hang it on the tree!

This one? Just let me vomit right now. Vile and disgusting.. Who the hell could look at this thing on their Christmas tree???

And last but not least… The creepy dead girl suspended in some kind of a cage. I don’t even know.. This is just too freaky for me, and again nooottttthiiing I’m hanging on my Christmas tree!

So, “Would you or wouldn’t you” hang these ornaments on your Christmas tree???
And if any of you say yes, let me just say this right now. You’re a freak.

**Participating in #Monday Musings with ‘Write Tribe.’

19 thoughts on “MOODY MONDAY

  1. I actually do know people who would put those on their tree, including my stepdaughter. I do like the girl in the cage at the bottom though. That doesn’t creep me out too bad. I love vintage ornaments but some of those German ones are definitely weird. So that creamer really tastes good? I usually buy Nestle French Vanilla.

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  2. Noooooo. Christmas is supposed to be fun. Bright lights, candy canes, Christmas stockings.. Not dead, creepy, nut sack things on Christmas trees… And yes. That creamer is awesome. If you like French Vanilla, you’ll like the Frosted Sugar Cookie. 🙂


    1. Hahahaha Dora! I don’t do that “Elf On A Shelf” thing but I like seeing other people do it and the crazy things they come up with. Mine would turn into elf porn and well.. And I would love to see the trees of those people you know… Not in person or anything but in pictures. Where it’s safe! Lol..


  3. I think the little girl was added as an example, as it is billed as a “Fairy Cage” though Tinkerbell may have sold the idea better! Lol
    All my Mondays are Moody…back to work dealing with morons, buttheads, and adults acting like spoiled children.


  4. You my dear, found some creepy ornaments. LOL I did see the creamer you are enjoying, I just wished they made it sugar free so I can have it. There are so many flavors I would love to try. I drink tea before bed now. I find it relaxing. I love the taste of the Wellness Sleepytime for Sinuses but I can not find it in the store now. I am going to try a new Sleepytime Vanilla tonight.

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