Let’s just forget the fact that I think I’m probably the weirdest person on planet earth. – Truly – And then imagine how surprised I am when every now and again my life will get into this comfy little zone of sewing and crocheting, card making and cookie baking. And for one BRIEF, nearly euphoric  moment, that makes me want to jump up n’ down and shout, “Wow, I’m normal!” Life being life comes up with a big ‘ol calloused hand of reality and wallops me up side my head and says, “Uh huh, nice try bitch.”
If you read my post from yesterday, you know that I finally broke down and got “real” t.v. in my home courtesy of those “Wascally Rabbit Ears.”
If you missed it, click on the highlighted link. Please and thank you.
Being the weirdest person on planet earth I’m all about “signs.” Signs like the very first show that came on the t.v. once the “ears” were in place, was a cop show featuring Macomb County, Michigan. Being a Michigan girl, this made me smile and inwardly solidified my purchase of this antenna. Yes. This was meant to be.
– Told you.. Weirdest person on the planet… –
Having an antenna and not cable or dish means the channels show up much differently, in that, they’re not just one number or two or three. No. My channels come up with the letter D in front of them, then numbers, all except one channel, QVC.
Side note: Having that letter D in front of the numbers makes punching in channel 2, 4 or 7 impossible since our remote doesn’t have letter options on it. Not a big deal but you definitely have to channel surf.
QVC for most people is an online shopping network. For us, it’s all of the old games shows, complete with old commercials from as far back as black and white t.v. all the way up to the 70’s and early 80’s. So I’m kicking back “channel surfing” and come across this channel and the old game show “Beat The Clock.” I’m basking in childhood memories (mostly about those commercials) and watching as the game show host, Monty Hall struggled while asking a relationship question to a couple who were clearly “living in sin.” In fact, Monty said, rather awkwardly “I don’t know how to ask these questions to couples in your situation.” Like living together was a disease.
It made me laugh.
Enter another layer of my never-ending well of weirdness revealed.
Curiosity killed this cat. I had to Google AND Facebook this couple.
I KNOW!!!! I surprised my own self with this depth of weirdness!
But, I had to know! Monty was so condescending to them and I just wanted to know if they made it.
Did they stay together? Did they fall to the wayside of others who partook of the “try before you buy” relationship experiment??
And yessssss! They made it! They stayed together. Married, grandbabies, and business partners with a Facebook page!
So, in your face Monty Hall!
(For this couple that I don’t know personally but felt compelled to stalk online in the here and now…)

And there you have it folks. Another layer of weirdness revealed. Let the “you’re a freak” comments begin. It’s okay. You’ll say nothing I’ve not already said to myself..
Maybe this whole t.v. thing wasn’t such a great idea after all..
Yep. I’m that friend…
Side note: When I went to this couple’s Facebook page I discovered that I wasn’t the only one who had “stalked” this couple. Several people made reference to their “Beat The Clock” appearance.
So, maybe I’m not the weirdest person on planet earth…


  1. You are weird, but I find it endearing and not that different that me, really.
    I do not remember Minty Hall on Beat the Clock, I think I remember Bill Cullen doing that show. But my mind does jumble shit, so let’s not put money on this!

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  2. You’re right Jo. In fact, I had to Google the game show hosts to make sure I had the right host! The original “Let’s Make A Deal” shows come on that same channel – yep, I watch that too – and I thought maybe I mixed them up but Bill Cullen and Monty Hall both hosted. Monty Hall late 70’s, early 80’s. 🙂 This was a Monty Hall show.


  3. You’re not that weird, really. I don’t watch a whole lot of television. I did, however, invest in a TV for my room – to have something to watch when DH is watching something in the living room and recording something else. You must have a fabulous set of rabbit ears – I get 3 PBS and a weird re-run channel that sometimes comes in.

    I think checking up on that couple was just a thorough investigation an your part. LOL!

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  4. Ya’ know S.J. people who know me always say I missed my calling.. I should’ve been a detective. Hahaha. And yes! These “ears” are amazing. They’re HD and so small they go behind your t.v. or you can put them in a window sill. They get great reception and all for only $20 bucks! – Thanks for stopping by! 😀


  5. Let your freak flag fly baby! I oddly don’t find that odd at all. You saw something that sparked your interest, you researched, you discovered! HAPPY DANCE!!! I do this all the time, that’s part of the reason I kill at trivia games. My mind is filled with so much minutia and irrelevant facts, I have to sit and think when someone says “So what did you do for dinner last night….”
    Kathy constantly turns to me after I’ve just answered some oddball trivia question on TV or those trivia games in bars/restaurants, with a bizarre look somewhere between awe and revulsion and says “How in the Hell do you know that?!?” I just shrug and say “I must have read it somewhere.”

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  6. Isn’t the computer wonderful. In my days of schooling one would use an encyolpida to find the answer for world most hardest question.
    Don’t tell any one we watch TV with rabbit ears. I don’t want to work the extra hours to pay for cable and such.
    I can’t see working all day and not be able to use something.

    Coffee is on

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    1. The computer is wonderful, and I too remember the days of looking things up in encyclopedias. My parents had a whole set of the Britannica’s. I loved them. – I not only don’t want to pay the astronomical price of cable, I’m just not that big of a t.v. watcher. I have certain shows but nothing I’ll die for. I like to read and hang out outside when it’s nice, and of course sew. 🙂


  7. I have said it before, you are hilarious. I think it is perfectly normal to want to know how the couple ended up though…. So if you ever form a club for card carrying weirdos maybe I fulfill the criteria and I live in South Jersey so we could have local meetings as long as they included wine.

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  8. You’re hilarious! That couple must be made to feel like quite the celebrities all the time. I love it! I have myself as following your blog and have for quite some time but I’m not receiving notifications of your posts…hmm mm.’s totally something I’m doing. I gotta figure this out, I so enjoy your spirit!



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