BLOGGING FROM A – Z – The Theme Reveal Post…

I decided, given the name of my blog, to make the tagline of my blog, my A to Z Challenge theme.
“Traveling with one foot in heaven and one foot in hell.”

If you’re a regular to my blog you know that I can praise Jesus in one sentence and drop the “F bomb” in the next. Such is my life.

I named my blog “Angel Stew & Devil’s Brew” because it’s who I am, and maybe who a few of you are as well. I do my best to follow my God but then life, and people, and idiots, and.. Well, you see how it goes. I’ve got one foot in heaven and one foot in hell!
My posts during the challenge will be alphabetical short quips n’ quotes regarding
angels vs. devils, good vs. evil, shoulda’ done this but instead I did that.
Some will be angelic in nature, others, not so much.


And then life..

The angels and the devil battle it out on my blog with every word I write and some days, no matter how hard I try to soar with the angels that asshole of a devil just tosses up his pitchfork and down I go…

I’m really looking forward to this year’s challenge and I am determined to make it all the way thru! I’m mostly looking forward to making my rounds in the blogosphere and touching base with my faithful tribe members as well as finding some new kindred spirits to share a few laughs with, some creative “how to’s” and words of wisdom.

Shout out and special thanks to Arlee Bird and the rest of the A to Z team not only for this challenge but also for giving me 26 consecutive days to either polish my halo or sharpen my horns!