TOUGH TITTY TUESDAY – It’s Okay To Laugh, Really It Is..

TOUGH TITTY TUESAYI’m with ya’ Mr. Eastwood!
Our society has become so tight-assed that EVERY move, comment, thought, photo, etc. must be placed under a microscope of  those who decide what is and/or what isn’t, “politically correct,” funny or socially acceptable.Someone should write a book. In fact, write a few of ’em.
You know, like this guy.

Here are some suggestions –
Wouldn’t this make life so much easier?
We’d all be on the same page.
Void of intelligence, choice, personality and seemingly, most important, void of a sense of humor.
Recently, comedienne – keyword, comedienne – Ellen DeGeneres posted this pic of her and her friend, Gold medalist Olympian, Usain Bolt.
When I saw this pic my first thought was, “Wow, no kidding.” My mind did not immediately go to anything racist or degrading or unjust. I saw the humor. The humor intended by the comedienne, Ellen Degeneres.
Which, FYI, I’m pretty sure she probably ran this photo by her friend, Usain Bolt, before she posted it.
The backlash and comments that ensued because of this photo are mind-boggling.
Tough Titty!
This is a funny pic of two friends and nothing more. If I had a friend that fast, black, white, purple or green, I’d wanna’ be piggybacking him around too!
Side Note: If you have a Twitter account you can view the tweet and all comments, here.
If not, CNN has a post, here.

What say ye’ my good people? Is this photo offensive, racist, politically incorrect??
Or did you, like me, just see the humor.
My plans for this “Tough Titty Tuesday” include NOT leaving my house because of the triple digit heat. I will most likely be sewing, reading and catching up on my ‘CSI’ seasons on Hulu and then switching over to HBO Now to finish up season #6 of ‘Game of Thrones.’
What’s on tap for your ‘T.T.T?’
Stay cool or warm, and to my peeps in the south, stay dry and safe!
And remember to laugh a little. It’s okay. Really it is.
Mimi’s quote for the day –
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