The month of all things thrilling and spine chilling.
Personally, I have no problem with real life “things that go bump in the night” but I’m not a fan of watching scary movies, going to haunted houses or roaming around corn mazes in the dark.
Call me crazy but having the shit scared outta’ me is not my idea of a fun time.
Apparently, I’m not alone.
Some people have actual phobias of all things Halloween.
SAMHAINOPHOBIA – A serious fear of Halloween that causes panic attacks.

PHASMOPHOBIA – Fear of ghosts. These people won’t go outside after dark or turn lights off when they sleep.

CUCURBITPHOBIA – You won’t find the people suffering from this phobia watching ‘It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.’ They fear pumpkins! What the hell?

WICCAPHOBIA – Fear of witches.

DENTAPHOBIA – Fear of your kids dental bill after eating all of that candy!

WHATTHEFUCKAMIGOINGTOWEARAPHOBIA – The fear of last minute costume planning.

HOLYSHITGETTOTHESTOREAPHOBIA – The fear of running out of candy.

PORCHLIGHTONAPHOBIA – The fear of kids coming to your door after you’ve run out of candy.
I have to say, although Halloween is not my favorite holiday, it is my son’s and we started decorating last month during his “birthday month” celebrations.
My favorite decoration was the one I put up on the bathroom mirror.
Seriously scared the shit outta’ my son.
Mission accomplished.
Yep. I’m that mom.
SIDE NOTE: I don’t like being scared but I LOVE scaring other people. I know. Twisted.
The weather has impeccable timing once again. We just had 3 days of high 80’s and boom, just like that, tonight the whipping winds moved in and there’s a chill in the air.
October has most definitely arrived.

Here’s to a hauntingly wonderful month ahead filled with many things thrilling and spine chilling.
The holiday season has officially begun and I, for one, am doing a major happy dance!
It really is “the most wonderful time of the year!”

What does your October look like?
Do you celebrate all things Halloween and deck those dank, dark halls?
Do you like being scared or do you like to scare others?
Are you afraid of things that go bump in the night??
I wanna’ know!
Mimi’s quote for the day –

20 thoughts on “A HAUNTING WE WILL GO…

  1. Well a couple things…
    GREAT list of phobias.
    I will cut any mofo that insists on scaring me. NOT A FAN!
    When I was a teenager I straight up passed out attempting to watch a horror movie at a theater. I ran out and woke up in the lobby. Horribly mortified.

    I tried watching American Horror because everyone raves… I lasted 5 minutes into the 1st one. NOPE.
    I cannot do blood, terror and gore it’s a panic attack trigger. Hate that shit.

    I have a friend who had a horrible thing happen in October one year. We call it Fucktober.

    Moving on I have tasteful Halloween decor because I am super picky about it. I hate plastic decor (expanding on my hate of Hobby Lobby tacky ass decor from your earlier post) and Halloween seems to be heavy on plastic shit.
    So all that being said I don’t have much actual Halloween decorations. What I have I’ve made or brought from home as Halloween in Europe is heavy on the gory scary the shit out of you kind of celebration and not the… oh isn’t that darling it’s fun for the little kids kind of thing.

    I do love October though. My planter boxes are planted with mums and topped with lush moss I foraged from the forest cause I’m all hippie and shit like that.

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  2. I can’t do any of those horror flicks. The real life crime shows don’t bother me because they are never as gory and creepy as horror flicks. I don’t like creepy kid voices, tricycles rolling by with nobody on there, cradles rocking, toys coming to life. No, no, and no. – The kids do the very commercial Halloween decorating. Lots of plastic, lights, scary shit that moves when you walk by. I’m happy with mums and pumpkins, corn husky shit. Lol.. I miss, miss, miss the changing colors tho. Too many pines here but I am going in search of some fucking trees that turn. There’s got to be some. Boise is the “City of Trees” for fuck sake!

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  3. Love, love, love the fall….my absolute favorite time of year! Warm days, cool nights… bonfires, cider, the trees changing color!!! Ahhhhh, does my soul good after the scorching heat of summer!

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  4. I’m not into Halloween at all. We don’t decorate, we don’t celebrate, we don’t buy candy to hand out to the millions of kids that come through our neighborhood. We head to the boat and have a quiet and peaceful Halloween by ourselves. It’s heaven.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

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  5. I don’t get afraid watching horror movies. But not a big fan of zombies. Disgust me actually :p
    In India, it is the festive season ! Loads of sweets, savouries, pleasant weather and family time this entire month and the next.
    Have a great October! 😊

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  6. The hope is to go to the cranberry harvest festival next weekend, the ren faire the weekend after, a corn maze and I was hoping to do apple picking but I don’t know if that’ll happen. I need to decorate tomorrow. I shoulda done it last weekend but I was lazy, and then I got sick.

    Oh, you forgot one of the phobias: Caulrophobia: the fear of clowns. I assume you’ve seen the news about that spate of psycho clown sightings all over the country. One of them got shot today and is in critical condition.

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  7. I hope you’re feeling better! – I have never been to a cranberry festival so that would be fun. No Ren Faire out here but I used to go to the one in Michigan all the time. I’ll be adding more decorations for about a week before we’re all satisfied that we’re aptly decorated. 🙂 AND YES! Totally forgot about those fucking clowns! Probably because I hate them so. And yeah, what’s with those clowns roaming around. I didn’t hear about the one getting shot. I’m sure he deserved it unless he was a black clown and got shot by a white cop, then I’m sure it absolutely racial.


  8. To me Halloween is more like memorial of our past ancestor and celbration of putting our mother earth to bed, last harvest celebration.
    For someone who practice ecletic pagan. I don’t like horror movies.

    Coffee is on

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  9. The list of phobias is impressive- I didnt know so many existed…..
    I have always been fascinated with Halloween following my reads of American literature and watching sitcoms. October gets to be such a wonderful month what with the change of season from summer to winter but not there yet….



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