Most of you who are my regulars here or friends with me on Facebook know that I love my creepy crime shows and documentaries.
In particular, serial killers.
In particular, how to spot them BEFORE they become full blown serial killers.
According to all of the documentaries I’ve watched and most of everything I’ve read – years of reading and studying – there are two traits that are common in MOST, not necessarily all, serial killers.
1.) Animal cruelty.
2.) Arson.
There are other behaviors to be considered of course and an overall mental health check up wouldn’t be a bad idea but those two traits pop up on just about every serial killer out there.
So, here’s my thought.
If a child displays those two traits, and whatever else is needed to deem these children potential serial killers, why don’t we just chip them?
Seriously. I watched an interview with the mother of a serial killer and she told of her son setting his sister’s bedroom on fire at the age of 4 because he was mad at the sister.
The mom shared this story like she was telling you, “Looks like it’s gonna’ rain today.”
The mom goes on to say that as her son got older he would put puppies in a box and shoot them.
She said, “He was just a normal little boy.”
Okay, setting your sister’s bedroom on fire and shooting up boxes of puppies is NOT a “normal” little boy.
I’m sure chipping a kid is against a million and one laws in this country but if a parent was willing I don’t see why it couldn’t be done. You can put a chip in your kid’s tooth in case they get lost or taken. Put a chip in your kid before he ends up the one taking a child.

How much easier would it be for law enforcement to track and find a serial killer?
Little Johnny starts some fires and kills some animals when he’s 8 years old. Take him to the doc, get him evaluated and if all signs point to being a serial killer, get a chip put in him.
That way ten or fifteen years later when 30 women come up missing and buried somewhere in the desert outside of Phoenix the cops can check their serial killer chipped kids – now adults – to see if they’ve been in that area.
I think it would work.

What say ye’? Would it work or is it cruel and unusual treatment?
You know I wanna’ know your thoughts so leave ’em in the comments below.
Please, and thank you.
It’s a brisk day here in Boise. Seriously considering turning on the heat but nope. Not gonna’ do it. I agree with this Michigan mom, Autumn Brandon on Facebook.
I had a similar sticky note on the thermostat when my kids were growing up.
We’re supposed to have a wonderfully rainy weekend and I’m happy about that. I love rainy weekends where you can snuggle in and catch up on some reading, or at this time of year, snuggle in and watch – for me – a semi scary movie, very, very semi scary.

What are your plans for the weekend?
Staying in or going out?
Please share.
Mimi’s quote for the day –

17 thoughts on “CHIP, CHIP, CHIP-A-ROO!

  1. Better chip all the politicians then. Some need it more than others.

    I think this is a good idea. I know a kid that is cruel to critters and I’ve always said he’ll grow up to be a serial killer. He’s getting close to adulthood too.

    We’re heading to the boat for the weekend. We don’t care if it rains either and we love being on the boat when it rains. Nothing better than sleeping with the rain hitting the metal roof of our shed. Heaven.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

    Liked by 1 person

    • When I hit the lottery I’m buying a boat that I can stay on for the weekend. It sounds absolutely heavenly and I hope you and the hubs enjoy a nice n’ rainy weekend of snuggles n’ raindrops on that boat. 🙂 Makes me smile to know you’ve got that lit’l slice of heaven.

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  2. There are a few people I have encountered that I wonder about their childhood.
    Rain, I keep hoping for rain. Maybe we will get some soon, it’s been way too long. I’m not a huge fan of rain, but I’m not a huge fan of drought either.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve seen kids like that too and I always think they need to be evaluated and then chipped. – I don’t mind rain for a couple of days but I do so need my sunshine. And I know what you mean about the drought. We had quite a summer of wildfires. Everything is so dry out here.


  3. Chip? You mean like a computer tracking chip? The person could get that removed after they became an adult. My friend’s son is ‘not quite right’ either but he isn’t cruel to animals at all, he loves them. But he likes to start fires, and lie, and steal, and sell his pills. And threaten my friend. He’s in a residential program. He can never go home to her b/c he just won’t stop.

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    • Absolutely only they would be able to have it removed because of all of the legal papers the parents would sign to get their potential serial killer kid in this “trial study.” – I would steer clear of your friend’s son.. Clearly he has issues.


  4. What you say does make sense but bleeding heart liberals would probably put up a fight and bang on about ‘human rights’ (funny how we never hear about human responsibilities!). It is a good idea in principle though – maybe save a few lives and solve a few crimes down the line.

    Turning cold here too – it’s getting into onesie and hot-water bottle season! I love that picture of the note on the heating control.

    No weekend plans yet – I like to surprise myself 😂.

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    • Oh, I’m sure my idea breaks all kinds of privacy laws and goes against those bleeding heart human rights laws but what about the humans getting murdered and their families? Their rights come first in my book. And someone should totally do it..

      I know it’s only a matter of time before the snow flies and then it will seem like a never-ending winter. Summer flew by but come February I’m gonna’ be going nutso without my summer sunshine!

      Yay! Surprising yourself is a good thing! No brainer for me. It’s going to rain all weekend. I’ll be inside with a book or maybe out driving thru some cemeteries. They’re the best on blustery rainy days! 😀


  5. Evaluating and chipping is not a bad idea at all and really could save lives. I like it!

    I’ve been battling bronchitis for nearly three weeks, actually coughing for a month b/c it began as a cold then became bronchitis, and the cool, damp weather is not helping. It is gradually improving though but I’m so tired of coughing every day. I’m hoping for a sunny weekend, that could improve my health and spirits. Hope you have a great weekend!


  6. yep if you’re a childhood puppy killer then you need to be chipped – nothing good can come of that (or kitten drowner – even more evil). Perhaps a detonator in the chip (inserted at the base of the skull) – then if they’re found guilty we only need to press the button…..


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