snowflake-gray-lineI LOVE gingerbread and unlike fruitcake, the evil twin – sorry Cranky, hahahahaha – gingerbread is delicious!

Side Note: Cranky and I have both written about fruitcake. He writes lovingly because you know, with a blog named Cranky Old Man, how else would he write?
You can AND SHOULD read his fruitcake post here.
Read it and let me know if you, like me, are a fruitcake bully.

I write not at all so lovingly about fruitcake (check my tagline, “and one foot in hell..”) and other gross food, here.
snowflake-gray-lineWhen my kids were little I would attempt – key word attempt – to make gingerbread houses with them. Sadly, I have no photos but they were very basic. Gingerbread glued together with frosting, more frosting on the roof and at the seams, and then a bunch of candy stuck to it. Candy, that hours later, one by one fell off onto the table as the frosting dried and crumbled away.
snowflake-gray-lineI didn’t attempt those gingerbread houses very many times. Mainly because of this…
Whoever belongs to this mess feels my pain and I stand in solidarity with them admitting defeat as a fellow
NON-architect of gingerbread construction.
snowflake-gray-lineOn the flip side of my disastrous gingerbread house attempts are these amazing gingerbread houses…
cma-gb-house2 cma-gb-house3 cma-gb-house4 cma-gb5
I wish I had known about this one when my kids were little.
It’s not gingerbread, it’s Poptarts!
I love it!
cma-gb-poptartOf course, if after several attempts your gingerbread houses are epic fails.
Here are a few options.

You can buy a kit, which a lot of women in line at Jo-Ann’s were doing. Several at a time in fact.
I always found these questionable as far as freshness goes but the women I talked to in line said they were wonderful.
So, option #1.
cma-gb-joannsOr, option #2, altho I’m not entirely sure how lazy a person needs to be to accomplish this..
Back home we have a word for this one.
cma-gb-bread-spiceOr, my favorite, option #3.
cma-gb-dinosnowflake-gray-lineDo any of you make gingerbread houses or have you at least attempted them?
If you have, success or fail, you should absolutely share the pics!

We finally got some winter weather. FINALLY. We didn’t get a huge amount of snow but just enough to get the roads wet n’ icy. I only hit one patch that caught me by surprise and almost sent me full circle down the road but my Michigan driving skills kicked in and all was well.
michigan-drivingHappy Wednesday everyone. Half way to the weekend. Any plans??
Whatever you’re doing, wherever you’re going, be safe. If you’ve got winter weather just remember, there is NO place worth dying to get to. Be late!
If you’ve got good weather. Enjoy!

I will be doing all things Christmasy today and sending happy Christmas vibes to all of you!
snowflake-gray-lineMimi’s quote for the day –
hansel-and-gretelsnowflake-gray-line feather


  1. I think we tried one of those ginger bread house kits once…we should have added the dinosaur.

    Mrs. C told me my fruitcake has been ordered, will arrive before Christmas…Yea!!

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  2. As I told you the other day I loved my mothers fruitcake. She made the most moist, tasty fruitcake ever. I don’t have her recipe so that is gone forever too. You just don’t hear all that much about fruitcake anymore.

    My post tomorrow will let you know our weekend plans.

    Have a fabulous day. 🙂

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  3. Hmm … I really don’t see how anyone can eat a gingerbread house that has been sitting around for a month to attract, dust, animal hair, cooking smoke (and cigarette smoke), not to mention people’s coughs and sneezes. Ew, Ew-ew! I don’t care how cute they are.

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  4. LMAO at your literal gingerbread house. 😀 Those other ones are stunning. I’ve never attempted to make one, so you’re one up on me. Thankfully, you can buy just about anything, these days.

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  5. I make gingerbread cookies but I’ve never tried to make a house. I hear it’s extremely hard. I don’t have kids so there was no point in trying, and there’s no point in getting a kit either. I don’t think they are meant to be eaten anyway. So I’ll just stick with the cookies which are so delicious I could eat them all in one sitting! I have to bake them soon!

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  6. I have never tried fruit cake. When my children were young in 1st grade we made housesome. They had us make this very sticky frosting, bring candy to decorate and graham crackers. They provided a milk carton that we glued the graham crackers to and then decorated. My boys loved it. Now, with our grandson we buy the kits and love them. When I am on my computer I will attach pictures.

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