2017-divider-line-blue-icyWhat – in – the -hell???
Raise your hand if you EVER thought you’d be hangin’ out in the year 2017.
Never in my wildest dreams as a kid did I ever even contemplate the year 2017!
Holy shit.
2017?? And here I am. Here YOU are! And here WE are! Chatting, sharing, laughing crying, across the state, across the country, across the freakin’ globe!
It just blows me away and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be ringing in the New Year with all of you.
2017-divider-line-blue-icyI say it every year. No matter how many birthdays I celebrate on this planet I’m still a lit’l bummed that we are in fact, NOT living like this
My goal (dream) is to live to be 100 and please, oh please, oh please can we at least have ONE thing accessible to us from The Jetsons? I don’t care what cool thing it is but I want to see something.
As a woman, I vote for Jane Jetson’s morning mask.
How fabulous would this be ladies???
2017-divider-line-blue-icy I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. I never have and I suspect I never will.
I do shit and make changes when need be. Most often those things do not fall on January 1 of any year and most often those are last minute forced changes.

Example –
(Dr.) You need to quit smoking.
(Me) Okay.
(Dr.) Smoking increases your risk of stroke and/or heart attack.
(Me) Okay.
(Dr.) Smoking causes cancer.
(Me) I’ve already had lymphoma and bone cancer. What are the changes I get lung cancer?
(Dr.) Quit smoking OR YOU WILL DIE!

I quit smoking. Change made. It wasn’t on January 1st.

The point is. You don’t need January 1st to roll around before you get shit done and make the changes that you want or need to make if you feel you need to make any at all.
Pick a day, any day. They all work.
2017-divider-line-blue-icyRANDOM QUESTION –
Why do people eat black-eyed peas on New Years? I mean I know why. I know the tradition but seriously? Of all of the foods you could’ve picked to be “lucky” you pick some kind of bean-pea that tastes like it’s been burnt??? Ugh.
Cranky,’ you do NOT like these!
You cannot possibly like fruitcake AND black-eyed peas!
There is no way you’re ending one year with fruitcake – gack! – And ringing in a New Year with black-eyed peas – bleh, yech, no! Just no!

I’m afraid to ask… Do any of you eat these, nasty ass “good luck” bean-peas????
Please, make me vomit and tell me you eat them with a nice thick piece of fruitcake and a tall glass of – gag – buttermilk! Ugh.
Needless-to-say, I won’t be ringing in my New Year with burnt bean-peas.

What New Year’s traditions or superstitions do you partake of?
2017-divider-line-blue-icyMy wish for all of you in this upcoming New Year is first and foremost, good health because no amount of money in the world can buy you that.

However, if you are in need of things that money can buy, I wish for you a New Year of prosperity and a year in which all your wildest dreams come true.

May you be surrounded always, by love, peace, and comfort.
And laughter. Lots n’ lots of laughter…

Laughter is good for the soul and I have a feeling we will need all of the good souls we can wrap our arms around in 2017.

Happy, Happy New Year to each and every one of you.
God Bless you all.
2017-divider-line-blue-icyMimi’s thought for the day –


  1. Mimi, I get that feeling all the time! I mean, as a child, I did not even think about beyond the 2000…and look at us now.

    And I loved watching The Jetsons.

    Black-eyed peas as a tradition, really? Mmm.

    What tradition do I follow for New Year? It is weird but I normally sleep well past midnight after a friendly argument over how we should sleep early from a tomorrow that never comes….but on New Year’s Eve? You’ll find me nodding off around 11.30. Weird. No traditions. I just go with the flow and am happy as long as my family and friends are around me. No resolutions, although we do sit together and make lists for fun. Sometimes we even stick to a few.

    Hugs and happy New Year to you! ♥ May 2017 totally kick ass.

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    1. I never know what I’ll be doing on New Year’s Eve. It’s always a coin toss. Stay in and watch Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper or pop out for some spirits about town. We’ll see what I do this year. 🙂 – Happy New Year and great big hugs to you from Idaho! And YES! Please let 2017 be totally kick ass!


  2. I loved The Jetson’s! It really was my favorite of all the cartoons.
    I make my ‘Lentil and Thyme’ soup as our New Year’s Day food. Lentils are good luck because they look like little coins.
    My great grandfather was a Southern man who loved his Southern soul food… Black eyed peas (and cornbread) were a common food at Papa’s supper table.
    He used to tell the story that B.E.Peas were left in the fields by the Union soldiers during the Civil War because the Northerners didn’t know what to do with them so that made B.E.Peas lucky for the Southern folk so they didn’t starve to death.

    Honestly I hadn’t thought about that for a life time until reading your post…..
    I did a little Googling and guess what Papa wasn’t just telling tales, seems that’s a common thought as to why B.E.Peas are eaten on New Year’s Day.
    Indeed they are lucky!

    Wishing you a healthy, prosperous New Year my dear!

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    1. Lentils make perfect sense because they *do* look like coins. – I love the black-eyed pea story. I heard something similar from my grandma, also southern. 🙂 – The happiest of New Year’s to you my friend. Hoping and praying for peace…


  3. The Black-eyed peas are not a tradition here, but I do like them. We had cabbage or sauerkraut for many years, but I haven’t really followed through with that. I don’t think we have any NY traditions…football on one TV and old, very old movies on the other…that’s what usually happens here. I will make some appetizers and put them out to be eaten whenever and we basically lounge the day away.
    I’m not a resolution maker, but I think if it motivates anyone to do something good, it’s a great idea.
    How did it get to be 2017? We just got to live one more day a LOT of times.
    Happy New Year my crazy, fun and funny friend! Love ya…

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    1. The only time we ever had cabbage was at St. Patrick’s Day or if my mom was making fried cabbage, sausage and potatoes. Not a huge sauerkraut fan. We’ll be lounging too, looking ahead a lit’l bit, dreaming. 🙂 – Happy New Year to you Miss Jo. So jealous of your warmth and sunshine. I’m ready for the snow and cold to be gone now. Hahahaha


  4. I don’t believe I’ve ever had black eyed peas, I’ll make it my NYE resolution to keep that streak alive. Did get a fruit cake this year from Mrs. C and it was delicious. I still contend most people who hate FC have never had good moist FC. What is not to love…it has fruit, it has cake, it is sweet and it is infused with rum?

    Happy New Year!

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    1. I think you’re probably right about the fruitcake Joe. I’ve never had a moist one and who knows if there was rum in it. The cake was dry and those candied fruits like human chew toys. Maybe I’ll look for a recipe for a good, moist fruitcake and give it another try. 🙂 – Happy New Year to you and Mrs. C, and thanks for being such a good sport about letting me tag you in my posts.


  5. I don’t do the black-eyed peas thing either. I guess it was something that my parents didn’t do so it never made it to me. I’m pretty happy about that.

    I don’t do resolutions either. Why set yourself up to fail. I’ve watched so many have this long list of things and rarely did any of them last very long.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺


  6. I remember being in college and saying, ‘wow I’ll be THIRTY SEVEN when it’s 2000!’ It seemed so far off. Remember all the hoopla around Y2K? And I chuckle about the TV show Lost in Space cause they left for space in 1997 and we are nowhere near that kind of technology in 2017. I just can’t believe that Russell & I have been together almost 6 years. Time’s gone by way too fast.

    As for black eyed peas, I like the canned ones sauteed with spinach and onions and served over rice. Dang it now I want that for dinner and I don’t have any. But I loathe the band Black Eyed Peas so does that count?

    I don’t do resolutions….why set myself up to fail?

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    1. Omgosh. I totally remember all the craziness around Y2K. I’ll have to blog about that. My boss’ wife made all of the employees special Y2K suits. True story. And time is flying, faster every year, month, week, day! – Here’s to 6 more years + with yo’ man! Happy New Year!


  7. I say the same thing about the Jetsons all the time. I remember going to visit Epcot center as a kid in the 80s and they had flying cars as the cars of the future. And here we are still trying to figure out the self driving cars. Oh well, maybe in another 30 years?

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    1. I feel we’re totally being ripped off and somebody needs to get on the stick and get moving with these inventions. The self-driving cars are terrifying. People have full control of their vehicles now and can’t get it together. – Another 30 years??? I’m not even gonna’ think about it. That would just be too wild. – Thanks for stopping by Danay and have a Happy New Year!


  8. I am constantly surprised that I am nearing 60 years old….how can that be when I was 35 just a few years ago??!! I am blessed with fairly good health , a safe and loving home, good friends, two awesome dogs, and a job I mostly enjoy going to, still. It does seem as if it was just yesterday and all the hoopla of Y2K.

    I don’t know if you knew this, but I am that weird and gross person you know who loves a good slice of fruitcake (Costco’s is pretty good) and black eyed peas. No, not together and maybe not even on the same day. I have never made the bep for the new year, but do cook them occasionally throughout the year.

    A big hell no to the new year’s resolutions. Like yourself, I make the changes during the year as they are presented to me. I think I am ok just the way I am, and life is hard enough without adding the additional pressures of making the resolutions to fail at them within days or weeks. I strive every day to be a better person. I try to find the joy and gratitude in each day. And remember to give thanks to God for my blessings. That’s enough.

    I wish you, your children and family a very happy 2017. Filled with much peace, love and laughter. Because, yes, laughter is the best medicine. Especially if taken with tequila. 🙂

    Blessed be.

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    1. Nooooooooooooooooo! Hahahahaha! Omgosh, first of all, thanks for poppin’ over! Do you have a blog??? Second, I cannot believe the woman who is accessorized from head to toe partakes of fruitcake and black-eyed peas. It doesn’t go with the image so let’s keep those foods at home in private. 🙂 – Happy, happy New Year to you you amazing woman! What a nice surprise.. Love you girlie ❤


  9. In 3rd grade we was all talking about the new century 2000. All of us would be 40 and couldn’t even imagine it.
    Now my self and my 3rd grade class is 57 or will be.
    2016 was rough year. Now I’m trying not to make an new year resolutions.
    Coffee is on

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  10. Bleach Blackeye Peas!!!!! When I was little we were forced to eat them, cooked cabbage and corn beef. One was for wealth, health, luck.

    No resolutions for me. I will continue to try to become healthier, I have two new reasons why now to. I made a little announcement today.

    I love the Jetsons so many things they have would be cool to have in real life.

    I hope you have a Happy New Year my friend!



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