I say it all the time… I’m an Italian woman 365 days out of the year unless there’s a sale and then I’m a Jew.
It’s true. I love a great sale. I feel such a sense of accomplishment when Iย find a fabulous buy on a fabulous product.
It happened three times to me this past week. I was giddy.
I went to Shopko – it’s like a Target – for laundry soap.
ONE item.
A HUNDRED AND ONE items later…
The fabulousย find.
Sandals and a wallet just for me.
I know. Whippty dip but hey, cute stuff and ON SALE!
First, the super cute sandals. Normally $26. On sale for $5!
Love ’em.
Then the wallet, leather and roomy. $36 on sale for $9.99.
Love it too.
Headed over to Tuesday Mornings and got a couple of cool things on sale there.
The Olaf Snow Cone Maker for the grandkids, normally $20-$25. On sale for $9.99.
5,000 cranks and one ice cube at a time, they may get a snow cone by lunch if they start at breakfast. But hey, it’s cute, right?
Aside from errands with the fabulous finds, I’ve been trying to stay home in the AC as the triple digits continue on out here. I love my warm, sunny days but holy cannoli. Warm NOT flesh melting hot!

I’ve been obsessed with crocheting lately and I’ve begun to hoard yarn like I hoard fabric. Not even kidding.
You can never have enough yarn!
On the hook tonight? – Waffle weave dishcloths/washcloths.
These work up so fast and I love that they really do look like waffles. They make great gifts and people have already started ordering..
I’m also obsessed with Game Of Thrones thus the Jon Snow references above. Overall it’s a great show but Jon Snow is hot and that’s just a bonus while watching.
Anybody else watching?? I’m on pins and needles with this season. Sadly, the last and final.
What’s happening on your Monday evening? Anything thrilling and spine chilling to report?? You know I’m a nosey bitch and I gotta’ know, so spill!
I hope Monday wasn’t too Monday for you and that the rest of your week is fabulous!
Mimi’s quote for the day –

18 thoughts on “#27 – YOU KNOW NOTHING, JON SNOW!

  1. OMG!Those sandals! I bought a pair just like them in the UKand I LOVED them. But after a few weeks, a weird piece of thin metal suddenly popped out of the sole, just at the in-step. Had to return them and they didn’t have any more โ˜น๏ธand now I see the USA has them!!!!! A good excuse to hit New York for the weekend๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚But possibly a bit extreme for some shoes๐Ÿ˜Ž.

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  2. You did find some great bargains. Really great bargains. I would be jazzed too.
    Last night we had hot dogs for dinner and watched some Netflix. Not very exciting, but I was spending time with my very cute husband, so it was all good.
    Have a fabulous day, Karen. โ˜บ

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  3. Some great finds, there! The wallet especially, but the sandals are cute, too. The cone maker sounds like fun for the grandkids. ๐Ÿ™‚ How wonderful that your handmade items are in such demand! Some of us (well, me) are fairly useless in that area, so I’m in awe of these skills. Never got into Game of Thrones. We just finished watching Queen of the South (about Mexican drug cartels) and are eagerly waiting for the second season. Another good one is Animal Family, starring Ellen Barkin as a crime family matriarch. Weekday evenings are quiet around here – just me and the dogs (or sometimes, no dogs, depending on the day). Hubby works a steady afternoon shift most of the time and doesn’t get home until after 11 pm. We usually stay up for a couple more hours after that, catching up and watching Netflix.

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    1. Thank you Debbie and I agree, great sales and I am fortunate that people want to purchase my handmade things. It’s a tug-o-war sometimes when you can go to Walmart and get something similar for a cheaper price but, in my opinion, you’re also getting a cheap item. The things I make and most handmade items are made to last and often times made especially with someone in mind so there’s the specialness of that and of course all of the love in every stitch. ๐Ÿ™‚ – I’ll check into the Animal Family but I’ll hold off on the Mexican drug cartel since I deal with the Mexican potato cartel on a daily basis out here. Hahahaha. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. I used to live near a Tuesday Morning when I lived in CA. Great stuff! Looks like you’ve been busy and enjoying life, triple digits not withstanding.

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    1. I love Tuesday Morning but much like Costco, if you find something you like you better get it because it won’t be there the next time you go in. I have been busy and absolutely enjoying life and I am seriously done with this heat. If the heavens opened up and let it snow for about 5 minutes or give us a good, heavy, thunderstorm that would be awesome.


  5. Wow! You hit the jack pot with the savings. The sandals are so cute.

    Mmmm…John Snow. Big fan of his. I was under the impression they were splitting the last season into two parts a few this summer and the remainder next year. โ˜น Either way I am going to be sad. I love that show.

    Try to stay cool my friend.

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    1. I did! And I love those sandals and I probably would’be paid full price for them had I seen them but I’m super happy I picked them up for $5! – I have no idea how the season is going to go but I am going to savor every gorgeous moment of it because I will miss it when it’s gone. We don’t get these epic shows very often, at least ones that are really great shows.



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