In my last post, I said that I wasn’t doing anything on Monday except vegging on the couch and watching Netflix. I tried. I failed.

I think the secret to “not doing anything” is to first, make sure you’re wearing an adult diaper.
Second, have a mini-fridge and a microwave right next to the couch.

This is the only way you will succeed at doing nothing for an entire day.

My Monday was like a page out of one of my kids’ favorite books, ‘If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.”

“If you give a mouse a cookie, chances are he’s going to ask for a glass of milk, and if he asks for a glass of milk, chances are he’s going to ask for a napkin…”
You can see how this goes on and on.
Well, it’s the same when you vow to do nothing all day.

You get up to get something to drink and you see a dish in the sink. When you bend over to put said dish in the dishwasher you see a dust bunny hiding out under a cabinet next to the base board, so of course, you have to get the broom and do a good sweep.

Then you head to the bathroom for a potty break. You use the last of the toilet paper on the roll. You go to get another roll out of the linen closet and boom, you see something out of place so you start moving things around and once you start moving things around in one closet, well, it’s just a snowball effect all the way thru the house.

Thus, I did not just lay on the couch binging on Netflix but it honestly was my greatest intention to do so!

Have you ever tried not doing anything for a whole day??!!
Did you succeed??

It was a challenge for me but if you did it, I wanna’ know how.
Spill the beans in the comments below.

Please and thank you.

Obviously, I need to work on this.

12 thoughts on “DOING NOTHING IS HARD!

  1. Hahaha! I can relate. It was my intention to just veg yesterday too, but instead, the main closet collapsed and everything was lying in a heap on the floor. All fixed now and the Salvation Army got a lovely donation of gently used shoes and clothes – things that I kept for ages but never wore anymore. This whole house needs to be sorted out. Packrat mentality. 😛 Hopefully, that 'do-nothing' opportunity comes around again soon!


  2. No…you're right…it's impossible to literally do nothing. Even when I've been super sick, I still have to do stuff. Probably the closest I came was back in CA in the mid 90s. My boss signed us up for a 'stress relief' seminar at the Nyngma Institute in Berkeley, this humongous Buddhist place. It was a cold, rainy March day and all the attendees were taken downstairs into this freezing room with giant prayer wheels that were spinning and taught how to meditate. I gave it a go but I can't quiet my mind. Then we break for lunch and i'm freaking STARVING. They give us rice, lentils and wilted watercress. I was like, 'are you kidding me?' If my boss hadn't been there I would've gone home and salvaged the rest of my Friday. Sadly it was back into the basement icebox to meditate the rest of the day. My legs/knees hurt, my back hurt, I was hungry and I got a giant splitting headache. All I could think is, 'this is so stupid. I'm not chanting. I can't meditate. I want to go home.' It was the worst day EVER, doing nothing.


  3. Hmm, doing nothing all day IS hard work. I don't really do anything at all. I am lucky to make it to the bathroom. Thank heavens for Poise. I do my blog, watch TV, watch movies on DVD, and I do a whole lot of thinking when I'm not staring out the window with absolutely nothing on my mind. It's a complicated job. Be so ever thankful that you have things to do and a body that lets you do it.


  4. Oh no! That really stinks! On the plus side, your collapse is the Salvation Army's gain and someone will be extremely thankful for your donations. 🙂 – “Do Nothing” opportunities don't come here often but I'll be on the look out! I hope your “do nothing” day comes much sooner than later.


  5. Hahahahahahahaha. Omgosh this made me laugh so much Joanne! I've never been one for group meditation. I prefer the quiet of my own home and plenty of pizza! – I'm still laughing over this.


  6. Omg. Sounds just like me. I even tried doing nothing in my bedroom but we have a wood fire and I have to keep it going. So everytime I moved out of the room I found something to do lol



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