#5 – Monday, October 16 –
PROMPT = Disobedience

I’m not a fan of the word disobedience, or it’s step-sister, disobey.
I think it sounds too harsh and it feels suffocating. It conjures up visions of private schools and principal’s offices and the military and those 1950’s husbands.

AND YET…. Were it not for the disobedience of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden we wouldn’t be here.
So, there’s that.
Do any of you have words you’re not a fan of? Words that maybe sound too harsh? 
Words that conjure up visions of 
(fill in the blank but not with porn please.)

I hope your Monday has started out well for all of you. Some of you I see on Facebook and I KNOW your Mondays have started out spectacularly well. Happy days are always a bonus.

I’m full speed ahead on Christmas projects/orders. Started another afghan today. These seem to be a big hit. I have a couple more on the list. I also brought my sewing machine out. This is such a gloriously busy time of the year for me. I love it all but it doesn’t leave you with much time in the day or night!

Continue to enjoy the week ahead and I’ll be back sooner than later. I am getting some reading and commenting in so that’s a plus.
If I haven’t gotten to you I really am heading your way.

10 thoughts on “#5 – DISOBEDIENCE

  1. Interesting how you pulled the theory of Adam and Eve into the prompt of 'disobedience'. We have all been disobedient in life. The key is to know where to draw the line.



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