GRATEFUL FOR LIFE’S BASICS – WEEK 2 #everydaygratitude

Another week of #everydaygratitude with Corinne over at Everyday Gyaan.
As always, you are welcome to join in just click on the link!

This week was a little challenging but there were/are many things to be grateful for.

**My daughter’s bridesmaid dress got shipped to here (Idaho) instead of to Michigan where she lives and had a scheduled fitting.
**The bride-to-be has a cold or allergies or something making her feel miserable.
**One of the other bridesmaids had a problem with her shoes. She found the perfect pair only to find they were two right shoes so she had to order another pair. The new shoes came in too big! She decided to just shop in her own closet. She’s wearing a long dress and no one will see her shoes anyway.
**And last but not least.
We had a little water issue.

My grateful list this week is looking like this…

1.) I’m grateful that my daughter was able to straighten out her dress mix-up although truth be told, she could have shown up in her pajamas and that would’ve been just fine.
2.) I am grateful for the medicine available to us to combat the bride-to-be’s sniffles.
3.) I’m grateful that one of the other bridesmaid’s will not be running around barefoot but it’d be no biggie if she did.
4.) I’m grateful for our water issue because it means we have water to shower, bathe and drink.
5.) I am grateful that so many family and friends are able to make it to the wedding!

I hope that you’re finding much to be grateful for this week and you know I would love to hear about them. Tell me what you’re grateful for in the comments so I can be grateful right along with you!

Be well. Be grateful. Be happy.


Hi everybody. You may or may not have noticed, I’ve been away. I’m popping in today just to let you all know that I am alive and well just super busy. Also, it seemed like the perfect time to take a moment in the midst of all things wedding, baby, and Christmas, to participate in Corinne’s #everydaygratitude over at Corinne’s blog, Everyday Gyaan.

The magnitude of my gratitude is off the charts people. My cup literally runneth over! I thought I knew how much I had to be grateful for in this life but I certainly never dreamed of the depths that gratitude would go and I thank God for opening my eyes and heart to so much more than I ever imagined possible.
This week my grateful list includes –
1. – God who is ever near even though I don’t deserve Him.
2. – My ever growing faith that is strengthened every day.
3. – My family who keeps me whole.
4. – My friends who make me laugh and provide shoulders for my tears.
5. – My blogging tribe that never gives up on me!
What are YOU most grateful for this week?
Share with me in the comments!
You could even participate in the #everydaygratitude and share your gratitude with the whole blogosphere! Just click on the links in my post to join in!
Happy almost fall! I’ll be back sooner than later and hopefully getting around to catch up with all of you!