Okay. Time to get back in the blogging game.
I’m taking a breather this weekend. It’s been a very emotional time. My sister has been diagnosed with stomach cancer but her oncologist is very hopeful. She thinks they caught it in the early stages and an operation to remove the tumor may be the route taken. We’ll see. I could add a million details but I just can’t. My mind is jello. I took a bazillion notes at the oncologist’s office but I’m wiped out. My sister, thankfully, is in good spirits and in my opinion, attitude is 80% of the cure.
Happy weekend everyone. Wishing you much sunshine and warm temps, beautiful flowers and blue skies. My Michigan mittens excluded because we know that’s not happening with you guys. Sorry. Be well folks and enjoy every nanosecond of this precious gift we call life.

10 thoughts on “TGIF IS RIGHT

  1. Really sorry to hear this Mimi – it’s like someone just picked your life up and shook it hard when someone close gets a diagnoses like this. It’s horrible, BUT my dad (who is now almost 92) was diagnosed with bowel cancer several years ago. They cut out his entire ascending colon and he made a full recovery. He remains cancer free and he functions perfectly fine without that bit of colon. Surgeons do amazing things! My mum has had 3 serious bouts with cancer and just celebrated her 90th birthday. When I look back at the roller coaster ride we all went on after their diagnoses – I feel for anyone who is at the start of that with a family member. It is a tough ride but so many people survive cancer now and as others have said, the positive attitude will help to overcome this challenge. Thinking of you both as you go on this journey of recovery.

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    1. Oh, Gilly, this is such an inspiring comment. Thank you so much. It’s like a breath of fresh air. I’ve been so focused on the next step and the next step. I didn’t look ahead to the outcome which will be – A COMPLETE CURE AND RECOVERY FOR MY SISTER! πŸ™‚ I’m saying that loud enough for the entire universe to hear. I truly believe there is power in words. Thank you again. ❀

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