I know it’s “Groovin’ on a Sunday afternoon…” but cruisn’ rhymes and it goes with today’s post.

Quilt and Cruise???!!
How did I not know this was a thing???

You can learn more about these quilting cruises, here.

I didn’t know these were a thing either.
– Ghost Hunter Cruise

***I’m not sure how ghosty and scary it would be. It’s in Alaska.

– Wine Tasting Cruise

***Yes, please.

– The Meow Meow Cruise

***For cat lovers but no cats allowed.
Basically, you spend 4 days with a bunch of strangers in the open sea talking about your pussies.

– The Walker Stalker Cruise

***Now this one would be cool minus all of those people in the background.
A ‘ Walking Dead’ cruise with cast members. Very cool.
Learn more about the above cruises, here and here.

Raise your hand if you’ve been on a cruise.
I know some of you have.
If you’ve gone did you think it was worth it?

According to this article, you could be sharing your cruise with up to 7,000 people!
Granted, that’s on the high side but the low side isn’t much better at 3,000 people.
This sounds like a miniature city on the sea to me.

Most common illness cruise people come down with?
The norovirus.
How do you get it? Glad you asked.
Per this article from the Mayo Clinic…

“Noroviruses are highly contagious and are shed in the feces of infected humans and animals. Methods of transmission include:

  • Eating contaminated food
  • Drinking contaminated water
  • Touching your hand to your mouth after your hand has been in contact with a contaminated surface or object
  • Being in close contact with a person who has a norovirus infection

Noroviruses are difficult to wipe out because they can withstand hot and cold temperatures as well as most disinfectants.”

Germaphobe that I am. – NO THANKS.

This cruise would also make me sick.

So, how’s everybody’s weekend been?
Mine has been relaxing, relaxing, relaxing and I’ve loved every minute of it.
I hope yours has been all you hoped it would be.

This is the last week of June people.
Holy cannoli did this month fly by!
My mom told me this would happen as I got older.
She was right!MIMI’S THOUGHT FOR THE DAY –Exactly…Time – 8:25am
Temp – 59 degrees F/High today – 78
Mood – Chill
Bitch, bitch, bitch – That you can’t lose weight eating ice cream.
Best thing – Ice cream!Be well.


  1. 64 more days and the husband and I will be in our first cruise. It’s an Alaska one. We have read up a lot on the germs and plan on taking Lysol wipes to wipe our room down and carry handsanitzer with us. Weekend busy inside the house, it rains so much here anymore.


  2. I’ll pass on the cruises. I’m not a fan of the big ships filled with fat people eating their way through the week. Sometimes it’s just disgusting. The final cruise we took to Hawaii I was sick for weeks. Give me my own boat and I’m far happier.

    We’re home this weekend, but will head to the boat next weekend. The weather is beautiful and we’re enjoying the sunshine.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Karen. Love you bunches. ♥


    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! – You know I thought of you when I thought, can’t people charter smaller boats with less people?? I think my cruise attire would be a hazmat suit! xoxo ❤

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  3. There’s a cruise for everything, it seems! 🙂 I looked into the “Classic Rock Legends” one that sails out of Fort Lauderdale every February, but it was sold out way in advance. We have taken two cruises, so far, and loved them both! The first was a five-day tour of the southernmost Greek Islands + Ephesus, Turkey in 2013 (a small, Greek cruise line). Other than the cabin being a little cramped (we only went there to sleep, anyway), it was fabulous! Last year, we completely blew the budget with a 24-day Meditteranean/Adriatic cruise. Much bigger ship and more amenities. (Holland America) They were meticulous about hygiene and had hand sanitizers and signs everywhere. Whenever we left the ship, we had to use the Purell before getting back on board. Far as I know, nobody got sick, and there were 3000 passengers on board. As with everything, only bad news gets publicized. I’m sure such incidents are rare, in proportion to the number of ongoing cruises.

    Yup; hard to believe June is almost over (although your post says “last week of JULY” – that would truly suck! 😮 ) and we’re only now starting to get warmer sunnier weather. Have a good Sunday!


    1. Hahahaha. I need to change that! Sometimes I read my posts before I hit publish. 😀 – Your cruises sound wonderful and I really am surprised the great cruises aren’t in magazines everywhere. I checked out some other cruises too and they do seem to sell out fast and some of them are really pricey!

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  4. Never been a cruise. But a theme cruise how cool is that. A quilting cruise that would be up my alley. I could even could go on short cruise and learn about organizing. Let see a even a medium size cruise to reset my brain
    Coffee is on


  5. It is indeed upsetting that broccoli does not taste like ice cream.

    The family went on cruise vacations when i was young, but if i wanted to cruise now it would be with one of those small ships that only carry up to a couple of hundred passengers. They exist but they are very expensive, and so they remain a dream.


    1. I’d look for a cruise with even fewer people than that if I absolutely HAD to go on a cruise. I hope I never have to. 🙂


  6. If I were interested in a cruise, the wine one sounds good. But we will never go on what my spouse calls, ‘a sailing Petri dish.’ My middle child spent a week in the icu courtesy of the rotavirus. Those stomach bugs are no joke.

    Another Tom Cruise hater? I knew I liked you!


    1. Omg. I totally call them floating Petri dishes. Just as all classrooms are Petri dishes and all every space in a hospital, grocery store… I could go on and on with this list germaphobe that I truly am. – And yes. I cannot stand Tom Cruise. I think he’s an idiot. The only movie I ever watched with him in it was Top Gun. After that he gave interviews and that was that. Moron. – I may be opinionated. Hahahaha


  7. Hi Mimi 🙂 No I have NOT been on a cruise, I WOULD LOVE to go on an Alaskan cruise to see the north and the auroras…but I have a fear of deep water too so I’m land-bound lol…I would love a wine cruise though, I’m a big wino that’s for sure! But that statistic about sharing the cruise with up to 7000 people just got my social-anxiety senses tingling!


    1. You can see the aurora borealis in northern Michigan. No boats or ships. You can drive there and it’s very cool. Dress warm. 🙂 – Oh, yeah, 7,000 people floating in the middle of the ocean??? No way.


  8. I’ve only been on one cruise – back in 1999. It was on Carnival – the KMart of cruises. It was alright, but have never really had the desire to go again.


    1. Hahaha. I wouldn’t even know! I just check which line has sick people on it. – I suppose I shouldn’t knock it until I’ve tried it but I still think I’m going to pass.


  9. I’ve never been on a cruise, always thought I would if I won the lottery, but now I’m not so sure. I’d probably prefer to fly somewhere and stay a while, then fly home.
    I’m curious about a quilt cruise, do you spend time quilting while cruising and miss all the sights? That wouldn’t make much sense.


  10. We have taken many cruises. Loved them!
    No sickness. Lots of wonderful excursions. 3000 is average passenger load. Never crowded. These ships are HIGE. Many restaurant choices, many bar choices. Several pools. Always able to find quiet places.
    All inclusive except liquor.
    Not expensive. We found them to be great value and only one was disappointing. We used Princess for all but that one. Carnival doesn’t do the treat you like royalty thing. Disappointing.

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    1. You almost had me right up until that “3000 is average passenger load.” All those people make me think you were reeealllly lucky not to have gotten sick but I’m happy you enjoy them. 🙂


  11. One of my best blogger friends came down with the Norovirus. She said she hadn’t been anywhere except to the hospital to get her scheduled shot. I told her that’s probably where she got it. I think she spent two weeks in the hospital with the virus, too. Gee, I don’t want to have a thing to do with germs like this!! Thanks for sharing and for visiting! 😉


    1. Omgosh. I totally agree with you, Cathy. She probably did get it at the hospital. Nothing but sick people there and I can’t even think about all of the doorknobs and elevator buttons. No thanks.


  12. The concept of going on a cruise didn’t really appeal to me but this has made my mind up! I’m a germophobe too – I’ll only ever eat cooked food in a restaurant – never salad, despite living on the stuff at home. The only cruise we are likely to go on is to Norway and I will be taking a suitcase full of food and plenty of disinfectant after reading this!


      1. Hahahahahahahahaha. Omgosh. I just always think we all understand the same stuff. I’m sorry. Did you like the suit tho? Isn’t it sexy?? Hahahaha

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