1. Magical Mystical Mimi

      It really is. Crater Lake, Oregon. The whole area is absolutely breathtaking. This was a road trip with my friend “Miranda.” She really is the source of great fun – always. 😀

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      1. Magical Mystical Mimi

        I was born in Washington and have always wanted to go back but especially since being hooked on Grey’s Anatomy. 🙂 Something about all of those rainy days…


      1. Active? Yikes indeed. It hasn’t shown any signs of erupting that I know about and I’ve lived here most of my life. I’m probably far out of range if it does ever go off, but I hope it doesn’t.


      2. Magical Mystical Mimi

        I think I remember reading that it hadn’t erupted in 5000 years? But it still listed it as active? I don’t know. Maybe there’s rumblings that go on that only scientists know about. I think you’re safe tho 🙂


    1. Magical Mystical Mimi

      Suzy!! Hi! Thanks for stopping by and thank you! I wish I could have captured all of the different colors of the water… It was like looking into the northern lights. Really, just breathtaking.



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