Remember the other day when everybody lost their shit because you couldn’t load pics/memes to Facebook and Instagram?

Someone in one of the groups I’m in on Facebook asked what we did when Facebook and Instagram were both down.
Apparently, “call the crisis center hotlines” was not the answer they were looking for.

What the actual hell, people? We didn’t have a rolling blackout across the universe.
It’s social media, not life or death.
Well, maybe not all of them Forest…
What did you guys think of the Facebook/Instagram glitch?
Did it mess up your mojo? Steal your social media vibe??
Seriously, I could not believe how many people were freaking out over this.
Guess who wasn’t freaking out? Us old school bloggers that’s who!
Our blogs were up and running WITH pictures! Ha!
Fingers, eyes, and toes all crossed that Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t buy Google and WordPress or any other blogging platform!

Happy Monday everyone!
Be Well.


  1. I know! I’m in total agreement with you. I’m sure someone, somewhere during that crisis was holding their dinner up at the window showing passers by what they were eating! I was only affected by WhatsApp – messages were sending fine but images would not render and I was getting error messages implying it was a fault with my settings. So I spent ages trying to sort it before being told by my son it was a glitch. But yes – get a grip people – life won’t end if social media goes down, in fact it might reset the world back to when people actually talked to each other and made eye contact.

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    • Yes!!! Wouldn’t it be nice if the world DID reset itself?? For so many, many reasons. – Happy Monday, Gilly.


  2. Hi-laur-ee-ous! Oddly, it didn’t bother me as much this time. I think I might be mellowing or just no longer giving and actual…


    • Omg. Every time I see your little comment face I’m going to immediately think Sussex Spawn! Hahahahaha. – It didn’t bother me but I thought it was funny that people kept attempting to post pics in my bazillion crafting groups I belong to DESPITE me letting them all know that pics weren’t posting at that time. Nope, my notifications continued to ding, ding, ding with NOTHING.


  3. I was on vacation, so I missed out on all of that! I refuse to go online when I’m out of town and let me tell you, it’s quite refreshing!!!!

    I wouldn’t be bothered by missing a few days of Insta or FB, but I do get annoyed when the whole internet goes down at our house.

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    • It really is nice to unplug and be in the moment of life but I too get irritated when the WHOLE inet goes down due to our crappy inet service.


  4. Yep, I did just fine too. I do go outside though. I do turn my phone off and go do other things. It’s refreshing. The weekends are mine to do as I please. It’s wonderful.

    Have a fabulous day, Karen. Big hug. ♥

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    • I LOVE unplugging and I really should do it more often. I think I could more easily unplug from Facebook than I could Instagram tho. 🙂 Hugs to you, always. xoxox

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  5. Hilarious! And, so true about the extreme reactions. 😀 I’ll admit to feeling mildly annoyed, but only because I was trying to participate in an Instagram photography challenge at the time. Once I realized the fault was theirs and not my computer or ISP, I gave up. No biggie.

    In the summer, I’m outside as much as possible and thanks to the laptop, often online too. (The back deck makes a perfect outdoor “office”.) I keep feeling the need to get away from it but have to feed this bloody addiction. 😛

    Unplugging from Facebook would definitely be easier than Instagram or the Blogosphere.


    • I thought about you when that glitch was happening because I know of your photography challenges so you automatically got a pass and had every right to be annoyed. 🙂

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      • Well, it’s not as if I lost any money or anything, so it was a very mild annoyance. Speaking of money, my last sale amounted to U.S. $0.24. What a comedown from the previous one of U.S. $2.00! Hahaha! This ain’t no way to get rich – quick or otherwise! 😉


  6. I totally missed the outage. I check them about once a day (although with Instagram it’s been more like once every two or three days), and I must have not checked them that day. I heard later that they’d been down, and I was like, “really?”.


  7. I never thought my self as a addictive personality, but for while I was checking my facebook account between every five to thirty minutes to see if any comment. Well long story short..I had to put some hard bounds on my self.
    But I don’t have much of following on twitter and if I did I believe I would of gotten carried away. Maybe it a good thing I don’t have a good handle on twitter.
    Instagram I like “a picture is worth a million words”. But when it comes to you tube I want to find a cool baby boomer and usual I watch Millenniums videos.
    But all I do like blogs more freedom of expression.
    Coffee is on


    • I agree, Dora. Our blogs give us way more freedom of expression and if I had to choose between Facebook or Instagram. Facebook would lose. I love Instagram. Also. I have to put limits on myself as well for online time.



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