OCTOBER TWENTY NINE – Happy Tuesday – Royal Weirdness

“Post a funny picture.
Post a not so funny picture.
Post whatever weirdness you want. That’s it.”
Joining in with Sandee over at ‘Comedy Plus‘ for “Happy Tuesday.”
As most of you know, I love my Royals so when I came across these screenshots on my phone I thought these would be perfect for “Happy Tuesday.”
They’re definitely weirdness as are the faces around them…

Side note – I have no idea where I got these screenshots from but the Royal occasion was The Animal Ball at Clarence House.
I’m guessing Charles and Camilla are 3 sheets to the wind in ALL of these photos.
Next up…
Not only Charles’ face but oh look!
Another one of those “fascinating” hats I blogged about.

Camilla’s face says it all. Clearly, she feels the same way about the butterfly sanctuary living on the side of that woman’s head as I do. Also, check out the woman’s hat right next to Camilla. Creepy.
This one…
Not – A – Clue but creepy as hell.
How do you suppose she sees out of her left eye?
My favorite…
Enter the elephant man.
Not the elephant man.
This elephant man.
See him lurking in the background???
He looks thrilled to be there.
Upon closer inspection, he looks like his elephant is made of tin foil. Is this the Royal “doggy bag” version of the foil swan???
One more time with the elephant man…
Camilla kills me. She not only laughs but she points. I love it.
And the last weird photo of my screenshot Royals…
Charles and his SAUSAGE FINGERS!!!!

Move over Abe…
There’s a new sausage king in town!
So gross.
Just freaks me out.
So there’s my take on the ‘Happy Tuesday’ link up. I’m pretty sure it qualifies as weirdness and bonus, it gets these weirdo pics off of my phone!

I hope you’re all having a ‘Happy Tuesday’ and don’t forget it’s also “Taco Tuesday” which, for a person on the tail end of the flu doesn’t sound remotely appetizing, just FYI…
Be well.

18 thoughts on “OCTOBER TWENTY NINE – Happy Tuesday – Royal Weirdness

  1. My two least favorite royals. It was good to laugh at those lushes.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. Big hug. ♥


  2. Omg I can’t stand either one of them, so this was a hoot. What is up with his hand? His fingers look like they are swollen with fluid. Very weird and gross. And that wack woman with the paper mache bug mask and lipstick, I can’t even!!!

    I feel like Camilla always wears cream colored clothes. She needs to lay off the self tanning lotion. We’re mean…..Lol!


    1. I know! I think that’s what makes it so funny to me and I totally agree about Camilla, she needs to add some colors into her life. We’re not mean or judgemental, we’re observant. 🙂


    1. Such an odd group. I don’t think I’d want to be one but it’d be fun to go to their parties without really associating with them. Hahaha. We’re having homemade chicken pot pie. 🙂


    1. Yes. I think the woman wearing it was a designer of some kind. I watch those videos too. That’s my mom’s side of the family. 🙂


  3. Sausage fingers aside, Charles’s fingernails look to be in very poor condition. I do love Camilla’s outfit though. Why must people insist on wearing stupid things on their heads and calling them hats?


    1. I noticed the SAME THING about his fingernails. He’s obviously lacking some sort of vitamins or minerals or both!


  4. I’d hate to have to be wound that tightly all the time. It’s good to see them laugh, I can’t imagine, billions aside, it’s a happy life. And those hats are redonkulous! Happy Halloween.


    1. No kidding! And I don’t care how much money they have, money comes and goes, sausage fingers are forever! I’d rather be poor and happy. Oh, wait, I am! 😀



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