November is the month of thankfulness and this morning I have to top this list with the fact that I am thankful my pup has a vet check this week! It was another early morning of “Oh! Let’s change some bedding and do some laundry at o’dark-thirty!”

I feel like she might have a cold but I’m a horrible judge of dog illness because I think my pup is human. So, human to human, I think she has a cold. I’m sure the vet will tell me exactly how wrong I am about that on Thursday.

And not to make this whole post about my dog but last week she vomited and I think something got up her nose. I don’t know but she started snorting like she does sometimes when she’s sniffing stuff outside.
Then, she started doing her backward sneezing way more frequently than she has ever done before.
THEN, she started drinking her water super fast and every time she gulped it down she would walk around for a minute and throw it up.
So, no more water dish on the floor, we have to pour a lit’l bit in her bowl and then set it down in front of her. If she keeps that down we’ll give her a little more.

She does fine with smaller amounts of water and she’s eating and going potty normally and basically acting normal other than this water issue and her sniffles.
Ugh. Thursday can’t come soon enough!
Okay, I guess the whole post is about my Luci. Sorry. Didn’t mean to be “that” dog mom but she is old and I worry about her!
SOOOOO, raise your hand if you actually had trick n’ treaters last night? I did not. Zero kids and not many running around either. It feels like Halloween as I knew it as a kid is phasing itself out and a whole new Halloween is taking it’s place. I think it’s more organized now with gatherings here and there rather than just letting the kids run free. Maybe it’s for the best but I’m super thankful that I had the “real” trick n’ treating when I was a kid! So much fun.
In other news… I started Weight Watchers. Not the real one the other one online for Free99. So, I’m thankful to Pinterest for their knock off sites.

What are you thankful for today? My list is endless, today and every day!
Happy Monday! Let us give thanks for the week ahead!
Be well.


  1. I would worry about my pup too. It’ what we do. I hope all is well when she finally gets to go to the vet.

    I’m thankful I found you. You’re a hoot and then some. Your sense of humor is most appreciated.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥


  2. Poor Luci, and you for having to clean up the mess. Here’s hoping the vet can offer some insight into what’s happening with her. It could be a cold or doggie flu.

    We don’t do Halloween and keep the outside dark, but some kids actually did knock on our door. For once, we had no dogs in residence and just ignored it. 😄

    Wishing you much success with the ersatz Weight Watchers! I want to lose some weight before December as well, so I can pile it back on over the holidays. It’s a vicious circle. 😜

    When I see all the horrible things going on in other parts of the world, my gratitude for living in a (relatively) safe and stable country knows no bounds!

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    1. I am soooo hoping it’s something simple. My DIL thinks it’s a change in Luci’s food, and it may well be but we’ll see. The waiting most definitely is the hardest part. Halloween is just not the same here anymore and it’s funny that it’s catching on elsewhere so it’s fun to see that. 🙂 – Yessss, WW. It’s the only thing that has ever worked for me. My DIL is on the Keto diet and has lost 24lbs. but man, that’s really restricted and I can’t do that. I’ve been too long on this planet. I’m attached to my sweets. Hahaha. – I’m surprised more people haven’t made their way into Canada because if I didn’t live here I would definitely live there. Canada is just a cool place. Maybe we need to keep that under wraps so more people don’t move there! 😉

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  3. Thanks for your visit over at my Halloween post. So we’re in the same boat: tons of candy and no trick or treaters. Yes, it occurred to me as well that (in the U.S.) trick or treating is shifting. Lots of “Trunk and Treat” and other supervised events. Where’s the fun in that for the older kids?

    Hope Luci is feeling better soon! Happy Friday!


    1. You’re so welcome. As long as you write I’ll keep coming around. 🙂 – Yeah… That whole trunk and treat thing. I’m not a fan because you’re right, there is no fun in that. My kids used to run around come back and dump their candy and head out again. As long as the lights were on Halloween was still in swing. It was that way when I was a kid too. Sorry for the new generations, looks like they just get the boring Halloween. Hahahaha. 🙂 My 13 yr. old grandson decided that he would rather buy his own candy and stay in and watch movies. Wise choice since he lives in rainy/snowy Michigan. 🙂


  4. Sorry about your dog 😦 We had about 50 trick or treaters, down from the 75-100 we usually have. The weather sucked, so that was part of the issue. It did seem more fun when I was a kid. My grandson went out for the first time (he’s 2) and he sure seemed like a pro, from the video they sent! Thomas the Tank Engine. . . woo woo!

    I’m thankful that my son and his fiancée/wife (they had a ceremony over there; don’t know if it’s legal here) are on their way home from China right now. Been gone for 3 weeks, so I will be happy he’s back safe and sound.


    1. Thank you. I’m sure she’ll be fine. (I keep telling myself…) – My youngest granddaughter just turned 2 and she was Wonder Woman. 🙂 I got a video too. – Well, that is super cool that your son and his girl are coming home! That will make for wonderful holidays and that’s exciting! That IS much to be thankful for! Yay you!! 🙂


  5. This house, which as you know is the one I grew up in, has never gotten kids on Halloween unless their parents specially drove them here. This would be in the 70s. I was always taken to neighbourhoods to get candy. There’s not one street light on this road and the houses are spaced far apart. There’s a cranberry bog across the street and woods. And the driveway is really long and dark too.


    1. Well, holy moly Jo Jo! I thought I was the only one in witness protection! 😀 You know tho. It does sound pretty nice and maybe creepy sometimes but mostly nice. 🙂


  6. We don’t get trick or treaters where I live. Haven’t since I moved in. It’s a condo complex. I think the kiddos go across the street to the nice houses. Much better pickings there.

    Sorry to hear about your doggo. I hope the vet is able to figure out what’s wrong and cure it.


    1. Same here with the trick or treaters, and thank you. She acts normal other than the sniffles and that gulping her food so fast that she throws up.


  7. No Halloween here, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t buy any sweets, it just means that I got to eat them all.
    I hope your little dog is okay and nothing serious is wrong.


    1. A LOT of kids stayed home because it was cold or rainy or snowy where they were. We had beautiful weather here in Idaho and the kids were out down town but not here. Down town is kinda’ the hub and parents and kids meet up. 🙂



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