❤ Check. Check. And Check!
AND, I am thankful for this New Year!!
2020! WOW!! I’m blown away!!!

❤ And here it is, day 2 of 2020…
How’s everybody doing?

❤ How was your Christmas? Did Santa bring you everything you asked for?
He was certainly generous to me and that’s surprising since I’m pretty sure I was born on the naughty list!

❤ Raise your hand if you traveled for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas.
I did not but this may have been the year to do it. Not much snow anywhere. We were in the 50’s. We got a dusting of snow at some point in December and then nothing. For me, being raised with tons of snow, I have to say, not having snow for Christmas definitely takes a bit of the Christmassy mood away.

❤ I don’t know if there’s an etiquette rule about favoring one gift above another but I have to tell you, my DIL got me the coolest – well, I think it’s cool – subscription to a book club and it’s got a little twist. You get a book every month but it’s a gently used book.

I don’t know who came up with that idea but I love it! I absolutely refuse to throw a book away. I’ll pass them on to friends or I’ll donate them to smaller libraries but I will not throw them away and now that I know these kinds of book clubs exist I’ll be making donations to them too!

❤ My DIL also got me a monthly tea subscription. It’s like she knows me or something!

❤ Okay, your turn! Share, share, share!!! Your Christmas, your New Year, favorite gifts, goals, resolutions??
Obviously, I’m not clinging to that “New Year, New You” mantra because I’m still the same nosey bitch in 2020 that I was in 2019! Ha!

TOMORROW’S POST – Word Of The Year, Yay Or Nay?

20 thoughts on “2020 AT THE END OF THE DAY

  1. Bingo on the unknown author! Favorite gift…green golf balls, easiest to follow in the air and surprisingly find on grass, a grill steamer cleaner, and creepy crawly bug traps. For New Year keep above ground,


    • Wow, really?? Even tho they’re green they’re easier to see? My nephew is a golfer sounds like a great birthday gift. Thanks! A New Year above ground is always a plus!


  2. Happy New Year! Sounds like Santa was good to you ♥️I have nothing to report as we don’t do presents – I’m trying to clear stuff out and so presents annoy me (unless they have the name Jaguar or Mercedes on them and they are in a colour I like). The presents you got are very sensible because they don’t make you accumulate crap – I’m impressed with your DIL. Thanks for the giggle about the gym idea – so true to life!


    • Next year I’m doing that 4 gift thing. Something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read. I too am uncluttering. I’m doing the decrapify challenge right now and tossing 100 things. You were supposed to get it all done in a weekend but I’m still chiseling away at it. So far I’ve tossed 78 things so go me. 🙂 – Oh and to go with your Jag and the Mercedes. I did get some Versace in my stocking this year too. Again, my DIL. 🙂

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  3. I’ve been giving my books away for years. They go from person to person and it’s a joy to see these books move around to all my friends.

    Have a great 2020 my friend. Love you bunches. ♥


  4. Lol, you always make me chuckle! I got some neat gifts from China, which I’m writing about in my next post. No traveling here, but we were loving the unseasonably warm weather!! I just dread the snow. It did come down on the 31st, but lucky for me, hubby had ‘early release’ that day from work (or prison as we like to call it due to that dumb term) so he shoveled for me.


    • Ooooh, well that sounds interesting… Can’t wait to read and see. 🙂 I’m done with the very idea of snow. If it hasn’t snowed by now it doesn’t get to. It’s lost its window of opportunity. Mother Nature can kick rocks! ‘Early release?’ Hahahahahaha. So that makes you his parole officer? Hahahahaha


  5. A blessed and beautiful Happy New Year to you! We were gifted Grandma’s old car when she got a new one, and we could not be more thrilled than if it were a Jaguar. Actually, i’d be afraid to own one of those, i doubt i could afford the insurance.

    The idea of a gently used book club sounds fabulous, i’m going to look into that!


    • Oh yay for a “new to you” car! That’s awesome! I’ve been gifted “new to me” cars and the best thing about them is that I already knew if it had issues or not. Way cheaper to fix if you know the former owner. 🙂 Congratulations! – Yesss, the gently used book is so cool. I can never bring myself to throw a book away so this club is perfect! AND I can donate books to them! Literally, the gift that keeps on giving. 🙂


  6. I didn’t do any traveling, either. I’ve been an absolute slug during my time off from work. Sigh. As for Christmas, it’s either the best or the worst. I did not get gifts, per se. Some money. And I used that money to buy me all sorts of things that I really, really like. So, in that way I feel like I had the best Christmas.


    • Being a slug is perfectly okay. 🙂 And money for Christmas… That really is the best, isn’t it? I love shopping for myself! Hahahaha.


  7. I’m on day three already and so far it’s pretty good, but HOT HOT HOT and the fires continue to rage. My own city is safe for now, but other states have been hit hard.
    I didn’t ask Santa for anything, I already have all I need, so let him concentrate on children.
    Well, I did ask Santa for rain, but I asked the entire universe for rain and none has appeared yet and isn’t likely to anytime soon.


    • Omgosh, your fires just break my heart because I know first hand what that’s like. I pray for all of you over there, including the animals. 😦 – It’s difficult waking up every morning and smelling that smoke, isn’t it? That was always an awful thing for me. I was so ready for the fires to be gone and that smokey smell to leave the air. – I’m thankful that our country has firefighters on the way to yours. Strength in numbers, right? Praying for your safety, the safety of all firefighters and first responders and PRAYING FOR RAIN!!! ❤


  8. Hard to believe it’s already 2020! I kept waiting for Barbara Walters to come out of retirement and tell us about it … “This is 2020” LOL!

    Nice that Santa was so good to you, Karen! No traveling for us this Christmas, just stayed home with the pups. No snow on Christmas here either. Totally agree with you about snow on Christmas, definitely takes a bit of the Christmas mood away without it.

    So interesting about the gently used book club. Cool idea, I like it! I never throw out books either. Getting a tea subscription is cool too. I like teas as well as coffee. My Christmas gifts were warm sweaters and gift certificates.

    One goal for me this year is to restart my blog and I’ve already started looking into how to do it on WordPress. I want to redesign it, not just move it over from Blogger. I have a registered domain name for my blog and I need to move that to WordPress. I think the designing part will be fun. I noticed that you made some recent changes to your blog design. I like your layout and colors.

    Another goal is to set up a website up for my photography. I think I’ll do that on WordPress too.
    And one more goal is to finally get the midfoot fusion surgery on my arthritic left food that my orthopedist has been recommending since 2015. Won’t be fun; I’ll have to hobble around on a knee walker for 3 months and go to the Dr office for physical therapy 2x/week for 3 months, but the end result of no more pain and no more ugly bone spurs will be worth it! I think I’ll have that done in March.

    Love Mimi’s thought for the day!! 🙂


    • FANTASTIC!!! I’m behind ALL of your goals, even that surgery. I sympathize with you and yay for no more pain! I can’t wait to see your new blog! I play with mine all the time. I know yours will be absolutely FABULOUS! – Ugh. You had a green Christmas too??? Again, I say, Mother Nature has missed her window of opportunity. I want to be snow-free and without freezing temps all the way into spring! 🙂

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