I didn’t watch the Grammys. I was and still am in shock about the Kobe Bryant (and everyone else) copter going down. I have, however, seen some of the outfits from the “Red Carpet” and honestly, they just make my head hurt!

My questions are always the same…
Who dressed these people???
Stevie Wonder???
Are there no mirrors in their homes??

Maybe the better question is, who DIDN’T dress these people???

Here are a few of the “Best Dressed” according to Braille Magazine.

❤  Singer, Lizzo…
One review called this look stunning…
Stunning? She looks like a giant marshmallow that got too close to the campfire!
Good lord…
Model, Chrissy Teigen, married to singer, John Legend. This is another, who wore it better. Chrissy Teigen or…
Billy Porter. Not a clue what he does but he makes a great floor lamp!
And apparently the BIG winner of the night with 5 Grammys is singer, Billie Eilish. I’ve never heard of this chick. I YouTubed a couple of her songs and totally not my cup of weirdness…
Also. What is up with this monstrosity she calls an outfit??? What’s with all that green???
She looks reptilian…
I know… “Mimi, you’re such a judgmental bitch.”

Hey, this list could go on forever! I didn’t even get to most of the guys!
Here’s the singer, John Legend. He’s married to the Kool-Aid chick up there, Chrissy Teigen.

Um, John… First of all, really shitty suit but since you’ve got some extra hangin’ off the side there, go ahead and cut that off and give it to your wife. Her dress is missing a few pieces…
My least favorite look of the night? Priyanka Chopra.
One review called this sexy and it is… I love the belly button gem and the fringe on the sleeves. I’m just a little perplexed…
I’m trying to think of any other place I would wear this…
Ohhhhhh, I know…
AT HOME! With my husband…
While the kids are at grandma’s!

And speaking of husbands… That’s her 12 yr. old husband, singer, Nick Jonas, standing next to her. On what planet does a husband encourage (notice I didn’t say, let) his wife to go out in public dressed like this??

Also, that’s Duchess Yoko’s BFF. Clearly, she too is a part of that “I don’t want any attention” crew.

So. As I was writing this the sky opened and decided to drop buckets of rain and a thunderstorm is brewing so I’m going to jump off of here before we lose power.
Happy Tuesday!!



  1. All these clothes are awful. Awful. They don’t call it Hollyweird for nothing. I haven’t watched these clowns in years. No respect for most of them.

    Have a fabulous day, Karen. Love you bunches. ♥

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  2. Good grief is that some fugly business! I usually think Tiegen and Legend look adorable together, but neither look good here. Even her hair looks like she was caught in a rainstorm. And oh, I know Billie. A friend of mine, who is quite a bit younger, is a middle school teacher and she posted on FB as a warning to parents of daughters about the horrible demeaning lyrics to women. It’s sad that during the #metoo era, this woman won so many awards.

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    • Right? It’s possible to be stylish and sexy, Jennifer Garner comes to mind… Can you imagine paying good money for ANY of those dresses?? I’m guessing celebrities really are as dumb as they look. – And that Billie… First, I didn’t know if Billie was a guy, a chick or something in between so I looked her up and then I listened to a couple of her songs. Trash. Freaky trash. I’m not sure what she had to do to get to this point in her life but it has to be more than her voice and appearance.


    • Me too, Dora. To spend soooo much money on so little material and for everyone around them to lie and tell them how great they look. It’s mind-boggling. We all have one of those “Uncles” by the way… Or Aunts. I may or may not be that Aunt but I am always fully clothed. No need to blind my entire family. 🙂


  3. Why? Why? Why? Why do “they” think we want to see their half naked bodies, their sagging boobs, an exposed hip when the thigh slit is too high and/or wide? Those rags could barely pass as dresses in my eyes. It’s a shocking waste of nice fabric. That grey suit that can’t make up its mind if it is a suit jacket or frock coat is too ridiculous. The blue lampshade look? No words can justify that mistake.


    • Omgosh River, as someone who spends an incredible amount of time at my sewing machine my mind was whirling with the things I could make with that fabric! Don’t they know when they abuse beautiful fabric like that somewhere a little sewing fairy dies… 🙂


  4. I didn’t watch the Grammys either. And I’m still in shock about Kobe Bryant too! Stunning and heartbreaking that his young daughter Gigi died with him in that horrific crash, along with the others, another father, mothers and daughters, all on their way to a basketball tournament. I kept thinking about all those families in shock and mourning. So sad and tragic!

    Now about the Red Carpet outfits, OMG who does dress them? Your descriptions are so perfect. Good lord about Lizzie. Laughed out loud at Chrissy Teigen‘s outfit (Kook-Aid chick LOL). Her arms looked like orange wings. How did she get out the door without knocking everything over with those wings LOL! And Billy Porter, the floor lamp, what in the world? Guess the guy really, really wanted to get noticed!

    I’m not familiar with Billie Eilish but I have heard her name. What a bizarre outfit! Yes, why all the reptilian green. And the mask?! Really do not get John Legend’s suit, it was nearly as whacky as his wife’s outfit. Totally agree with you about Priyanka Chopra’s lingerie bed dress and Nick Jonas does look 12 years old LOL! So she’s Duchess Yoko’s BFF? Sure explains a lot.

    Love the Mark Twain quote! 🙂

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    • I think it’s going to take a minute for the Kobe news to sink in for everyone. He really was quite a presence and obviously, he will be missed… – Omgosh YOU are spot on with Chrissy Teigen’s outfit! Seriously, I wonder how she did get out the door with those wings! How did she sit in a limo and ride to the Grammys? I wonder if they ask themselves these questions and plan ahead for the mishaps. I sure would! And I’m glad you see Priyanka’s “dress” as a lingerie thing too! It really reminded me of waaaaaay back in the Carole Lombard days. The actresses back then would wear similar outfits in movies but ALWAYS around their homes and in their bedrooms. This Hollywood will never be true Hollywood.

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    • Next up are the Academy Awards. I won’t watch but of course, I will critique. 🙂 I can’t imagine what hideous get-ups will be present then.


  5. I don’t watch the Grammys. And I really don’t pay attention to the fashion, either. Not my thing. I like Billie Eilish’s sound, but I was shocked by the videos. She just turned 18. As for Billy Porter, he’s on that show about drag queens and ballroom. The thing that sticks in my mind is he did an interview about the show and how his character was dealing with the AIDS crisis (the show takes place during the ’80s, I believe). And he said he wasn’t acting, he was remembering, as he lived that life during that time.

    But yeah, those clothes…


    • I haven’t seen that drag queen show but I may have to watch because I remember those times as well. The 80’s were a scary time.


  6. I’m all for people expressing their individuality, but agree, some of these are pretty far out! I’m surprised at John Legend. He usually looks good. That suit is truly bizarre. 😛 I didn’t think his wife’s dress was that bad, though. Maybe a different colour would have been better. Not liking the pukey green on Billy Eilish, either. There must be a lot of two-sided tape involved with these ultra-low-cut dresses. Some people are such exhibitionists, but I guess that’s a big part of showbiz.


    • I totally agree, Debbie. And two-sided tape?? They would have to staple that shit into my skin. Two-sided take would NEVER work on me! Hahahahaha



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