2020 – SEPT. 2 – 7

WEDNESDAY – 9/2/20
If you haven’t seen the movie A Walk To Remember, I highly recommend it.
It’s a wonderful love story inspired by author Nicholas Sparks’ sister and her husband.
Without giving away too much of the storyline for those of you who haven’t seen it, one of the main characters is a young woman named Jamie (played by Mandy Moore) and Jamie has cancer.
She, like me, like a lot of people with cancer, made a list of things she wanted to do before she dies.
#4 on her list is resonating deeply with me this month as my grandchildren start school in the classroom and at home and I know that my kiddos could use an extra set of hands. It’s not easy to juggle regular school, homeschool, after school activities, and daycare all while working full time during normal times. During a pandemic? I can’t even imagaine. That’s a lot of balls in the air and I wish I could be there to help, which leads me into prompt #2 on the Sept. journal prompt list.

*****Back east helping out my kiddos with my grandkids and this ridiculous schooling setup. Thanks Covid.

I remember what a pain it was to get teenagers to do their homework when they got home from school. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to have to go to work and leave them at home alone to do the whole school day online and not just online but on YouTube! Youtube can suck adults into a black hole of non-stop video watching but these kids are expected to be so focused that they only watch videos pertaining to their school work?? Riiiiggghhht…

Yes, there’s a lot of great information on YouTube but there’s also a lot of trash and time-wasting crap on there. I honestly don’t know how parents are pulling this off but kudos to the ones that are because this would be enough to turn me into an alcoholic.

THURSDAY – 9/3/2020
*****My beautiful angel Luci just snoozing away while I crocheted next to her…
It’s been almost 2 months and I still cry every day.
You are loved and missed my sweet girl.

The highlight of my day was a really nice surprise visit with my friend “Miranda” and her littlest one who’s not so little anymore! Geez o’ Pete. I think kids really do grow like weeds!
It’s always so great to see them. We even snuck in a hug. Ssshhh. Don’t tell the Covid nazis.

“Miranda,” beating me to the seasonal baking brought us some homemade zucchini bread and it is sooooo delicious. I’ve been enjoying a slice or two every morning with my coffee.

FRIDAY – 9/4/2020
*****Bungee jumping.
Okay, so I used to want to try bungee jumping but that was before turning 57, before my fear of heart attacks, and before I realized I could use my hooters as bungee cords!

Sooo, a little bit of real-life sneaking into this post… Not sure when we switched gears but suddenly we were catapulted into the “we put the fun in dysfunctional” mode.
Nothing I’ll post about but holy crow families are just the weirdest little colonies, aren’t they? How can siblings raised in the same house with the same rules all turn out so different??
Fortunately, the dysfunction is not my kids or theirs this go-round so I’ll just get on with posting because seriously. It’s been a day.
Later in the afternoon, there was no more fun in dysfunctional.
My car decided to either blow a radiator hose or the whole radiator. I have no idea. It was running hot but no bells and whistles were going off, no flashing lights on the dash. I let it cool for a minute, should have been longer than a minute… I lifted the hood and it looked like green slime everywhere. I let the hood back down, went inside, made myself a cocktail, and proceeded to watch a whole season of Charmed. Not sure when I’ll take the vehicle in but I’ve got other things going on so when I do I do.
That’s pretty much where I’m at with that.

SATURDAY – 9/5/2020
*****Getting to visit with Miranda and her littlest, then I made some curtains, finished 2 hats, got halfway thru a sweater, and started a reading shawl w/pockets.
Oh. And got all of my son’s birthday shopping done! That was a big success.
Here’s a couple of the hats I made.
Super chunky and super warm!

SUNDAY – 9/6/2020
*****Okay… I’ll share my first memory of my very first friend, my best friend in kindergarten. Her name was Meemo and I thought she had the coolest name and she had the coolest pixie cut. My hair was so long I could sit on it and I wanted a pixie cut sooooo bad but that was a big fat no from my Catholic dad who believed a woman’s hair was her glory. As I got older I believed my long-ass or ass long hair was a pain in the ass, not to mention sooooo boring! Eventually, I did get a pixie cut. Thanks, Meemo for the inspiration way back when.

MONDAY – 9/7/2020
*****Don’t burn your bridges.
It’s been my experience that some bridges need to be burned and/or blown up and that’s okay.

Today we started decorating the house for Halloween. It gets spookier every year which is surprising since I do not like to be scared at all. I watched a couple of episodes of Goosebumps with my daughter-in-law. How have I not seen these?? That’s about as spooky as I get.
Also. Disney+ has Halloween Town. One of my favorite Halloween movies. I’ll be watching that soon.

On this day 2 months ago…
❤ ❤

My sweet Luci is gone. I will love her and miss her forever.

I really, really do!
So many of you are on my mind and I am praying that you are all safe and continue to remain safe. It’s such a crazy world out there and now Mother Nature is following suit.

I know school is happening all over. How many of your children/grandchildren/nieces/nephews are actually back in school?? All of my grandkids are on a split schedule I believe. Two weeks in school, two weeks out. I think that’s how it’s happening. Who knows… Everything changes so much anymore.

Okay. Jumping off of here and making the reading/commenting rounds. I really need to see what you’ve all been up to!
Please be safe. ❤