THURSDAY – October 22
*****Thankful Thursday & Birthdays!
I am thankful for warm, fuzzy socks and this photo pretty much sums it up on how I feel about them.
Happy, Happy, Birthday, Birthday to my twin niece and nephew, Matt, and Hannah.
They’re fabulous kids, okay, adults and I just love them to pieces!

FRIDAY – October 23
*****On my crochet hook.
Snowflakes! Lots n’ lots of snowflakes!

SATURDAY – October 24
*****On my craft table…
It’s all about the sparkles!

SUNDAY – October 25

MONDAY – October 26
*****Around the house

TUESDAY – October 27
*****Covid update
Fortunately, no family members but a close family friend, M, and her husband both had Covid. They both survived it but it was worse for M than for her husband. And let me just say, they are both young (30’s) and both very healthy. So, forget what you’ve heard about the virus only hitting the older folks. It’s hitting everybody.
Wear a mask and social distance when you should.
Wash your hands and be kind, always.

WEDNESDAY – October 28
*****Wordy Wordless Wednesday
Can you imagine seeing this in someone’s yard at night???

THURSDAY – October 29
*****Thankful Thursday
I am so thankful for my Instant Pot and all of the wonderful things I can do with it.
Today, I’m getting these lit’l pie pumpkins ready to mash up and use for baking!

FRIDAY – October 30
*****Every year I have to post this family costume choice and every year I have to ask…
What in the actual fuck???
Also… What is the little girl doing????
I seriously need to know the back story on this photo.
These people are freaks.

SATURDAY – October 31

Also, Happy Birthday to my B-I-L, Chris!

We made it through another month of 2020!!! Woot! Woot!
Two more months to go before we ring in what I hope will be a much kinder, loving, virus-free, New Year.

In the meantime… We are entering into November, the month of Thanksgiving and despite what the world looks like at the moment, we still have so much to be thankful for and I plan on sharing something I’m thankful for every day of this month.

I don’t know what November holds for us or what the rest of the year and into 2021 will look like but I do know it will look however we choose for it to look.
Here’s to many, many starry, starry nights for all of us.
Be safe. Be well.



Seriously? The weirder this year gets the more I just want it to be 2021 already.
This world has gone absolutely nutso. 
And yet… There’s a part of me that finds the whole idea of ringing in 2021 somewhat frightening.

It’s like waiting for the other shoe to drop only you don’t know if it’s really a shoe you just know that whatever it is, it’s going to fucking drop.

Fleeting thought – What’s Time Square going to look like this year?
What are all of the New Year celebrations around the globe going to look like??

THURSDAY – October 15
*****Thankful Thursday
1.) I’m thankful for my eyesight to see the beautiful colors of fall
2.) I’m thankful for snuggly hoodies for being outside walking in the wind watching the leaves fly.
3.) I’m thankful that we haven’t turned our heat on yet. It’s like a contest in our family. Who turns their heat on first.
4.) I’m thankful for pizza.
5.) I’m thankful for phone calls with my brother that always make me laugh so much AND we can discuss politics and still hang up the phone with “I love yous.”

FRIDAY – October 16
*****More birthdays…
Happy Birthday to my oldest grandson, Seth. 
He’s 14 today!
And to my mom who never could seem to remember Seth’s birthday even tho, he was born on her birthday.
I’m pretty sure she did it just to piss me off. It worked.
She would’ve been 91!
Our relationship wasn’t easy but I loved her very much…
Happy Birthday, mom!

SATURDAY – October 17
*****Around the house.
An Etsy find that I absolutely L ❤ VE 

SUNDAY – October 18
*****Sundays are for pajamas, tea, a comfy chair, and good books.

MONDAY – October 19
*****Me, today.

TUESDAY – October 20
*****Taco Tuesday! 

WEDNESDAY – October 21
*****Wordless Wednesday

Another virus-free week in the books for myself and those I hold near and dear.
I hope the same holds true for all of you.
My allergies are kicking up a bit but I’m good with that. It’s annoying and I feel like crap most of the time but as far as I know, at least for me, they’re not deadly.

Fall is here in full swing and the temps are dropping like a rock but still, we have yet to turn on our heat. It’s a small victory and a bit of a challenge throughout our family. Who can go the longest without turning the heat on.

I don’t know who started it or why, I’m sure it started out with someone calling someone else a pussy because they didn’t like the cold, which, being Michiganders is pretty much a sin. So, here we are, a family waiting to see who can freeze first!

How about where all of you are? Beautiful fall temps or temps dropping like a rock? OR… Who’s got snow??? I-CAN’T-WAIT!

Everyone, please, be safe when you’re out n’ about. They say this virus is getting worse. You know what to do. Keep yourselves safe and those around you.