THANKFUL THURSDAY – How hot is it???

Did he though…

I remember and I remember doing this…

When you were a kid did you go up to fans and make that aaahhh noise?
Please don’t let me be the only weirdo kid…

(Always at the top of my list are God, Jesus Christ, my children and grandchildren, and my family and friends. Everyday, not just Thursdays.)

*** Since we hit triple digits this week I’d like to give a shout out to Willis Carrier, inventor of the air conditioner, and Schuyler Wheeler, inventor of the electric box fan.
I’m thankful for both.
NERD GIRL ALERT – You should read up on Schuyler Wheeler. He was a very cool guy.

*** I’m thankful I came back to blogging and I’m thankful for your kind words about missing me.

*** I’m thankful that I’m at 50% immunity now. Go me!
One more vaccine, another 2-week wait, and this will be me.

*** I’m thankful all of my kids and my oldest grandson chose to get vaccinated.

*** I’m thankful for the sunshine but not this heat!

And falling under the category of “blame it all on my roots…”
My twisted sense of humor found this last one to be hilarious.
Because it’s true…

Have you guys reached the triple digits yet?
Do you have AC and fans? A river, a beach, a pool??  Anything to stay cool?
I sure hope so!

June, July, and August should come with a warning label.
(Thank you, Alan Jackson. Also hotter than a hoochie coochie.)

Well, it’s after 2am here. Last night after dinner I got all cozy and started watching some Acorn TV – ‘The Brokenwood Mysteries,’ I like it a lot.
Unfortunately, I ended up falling asleep around 6:30pm. (No reflection of the show. The show is really good.) What wasn’t so good was being wide awake at midnight. I’ve tried all of those “how to go back to sleep” tips and none of them work for me so I just got up. It’s really not such a huge deal because I’m usually up by 3am every morning anyway.

My plans for the day are to stay cool. Seriously, that’s it.
What about you guys? Who’s got plans today? 
Be sure to share in the comments! 

Also, anybody else getting vaccinated? And it’s okay if you’re not. I’m just curious.
In my family and friends circle, it’s about a 50/50 split. 

Okay, I’m out. Have an amazing Thursday. I hope you have much to be thankful for. 
And hey, another blog post. Yay me!


12 thoughts on “THANKFUL THURSDAY – How hot is it???

  1. What’s going on out there? Triple digits and lack of vaccines? We’ve been fully vaxed since the first week of April! It’s been maaarrrvelous!!! No heat here; just rain. Still wearing pants and long sleeve shirts. But I heard it’s supposed to be in the 80’s this weekend.

    Those memes are great! The shady one was quite shady! Not doing anything fun today. I have to go get a CT for a possible kidney stone. And yes, we made all sorts of weird noises in front of the box fan!


    1. Well, this should be our last hot day for a few days and I think Idaho was a little late to the “get your shit together” game. I wish we had some of your rain and cooler temps. I remember Michigan summers being so hot but right after the heatwave we’d get that rain that cooled everything off or made it muggier, it was pretty much a coin toss. 🙂 – I hope your CT goes well. Nothing serious. Nothing painful. Those are my wishes for you my friend. ❤


  2. We had two triple digit days here and now it’s in the upper 90s. So it’s hot here. The air conditioner has been working overtime to keep us cool.

    Today is haircut day so we’ll do that, go to the bank and then to the store. That’s about it for us. Plan on staying home this weekend, but off to the boat next weekend.

    Have a fabulous day, Karen. Love you bunches. ♥


    1. Ya’ know, 80s are good temps. I could do 70s and 80s year-round but that excessive heat, or in the winter the excessive cold.. I’m about done with that. Can’t wait to hear about your boat adventures. I know you’ll have so much fun. Love you right back, Sandee!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Is it hot here? Nah. It’s June. We’re having our usual gloomy weather: overcast in the morning. Maybe sun in the afternoon. This won’t last, but at this time of year, we’re usually fairly cool.


  4. It is getting warm, and we need a new room unit for the bedroom. Until then, windows open, box fan on.

    Of course you had to go up to Grandma’s fan and make noise to hear what it sounded like. And Grandma would laugh!


    1. I’ve got the ac running, a ceiling fan blowing, and a desk fan on full blast. When I was married and lived down south we didn’t have ac at first so we’d all pile into the breezeway to sleep or out on the porch! We quickly found an ac unit. I’m not a fan of the heat.


  5. I never made that ahhh sound, I don’t recall us even having a fan when we were little, but we were within walking distance of the local beach. It’s cooler here, Australia is in winter mode now, so the temps are around 18C-20C, getting down to 11C-7C at nights. We have our air conditioners set to warm us up.
    I have my vaccination appointment next Wednesday, then the second jab isn’t until twelve weeks after that!


    1. Your weather sounds wonderful, that twelve weeks wait for a 2nd shot not so much! Why so long in between shots? I thought they had to give them within 2 weeks of one another. Well, as long as you’re able to get them, that’s a bonus, huh?


  6. Wow triple digits there already! Our weather finally warmed up again here and we have some 90 degree days ahead but not triple digits yet (thank goodness!). I sure remember sitting in front of fans when I was a kid, no AC in our house back then. But now I do have AC and fans too. So thankful for that!

    Yay that you’re at 50% immunity, Karen! I had the J&J one dose so I’m one and done. My hubby had both of his Modera shots. Good for all your kids and your oldest grandson for choosing to be vaccinated. I’m hoping that all my siblings, nieces, and nephews in New Jersey will be vaccinated before I go there to visit this summer. I would just feel more comfortable but it’s sort of a 50/50 split in my circle of friends and family too.

    There is always much to be thankful for, even the little things like the sunshine after a rainy week, watching sparrows building a nest in the new birdhouse I put up, even watching my pups chasing squirrels in the yard, I’m thankful for those little things that bring joy. And I’m grateful for friends like you. 🙂


    1. Aw, thank you Madilyn, I’m thankful for you too. 🙂 So happy to hear you and your hubs are both vaxxed. I get why people don’t get it and I get why they do. I just would rather be safe than sorry.



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