The heavens opened up and Magical Mystical Mimi’s window was FINALLY installed!

I can’t even believe it you guys! And it wasn’t even an army of Oompa Loompas. No, it was an army of one!!
One little guy who shared with me that he had moved here from out of state, he’s transgendered and his wife loves to crochet and once made a whole blanket on a 10-hour car ride!
Yes. He shared this with me IN LESS THAN 20 MINUTES.

Seriously tho, really, a nice enough guy but holy hell all I kept thinking was, did I gain a lot of holiday weight because this guy obviously thinks I’m Oprah!

So, day 5 into the new year, and progress is being made and I’m all for that. Now that the window is out of the way, I’m organizing craft stuff. Michael’s is having all kinds of sales right now so I bought a couple of boxes of boxes.
These boxes are perfect for getting my crafty shit together and they fit perfectly on shelves and are super easy to label.
Also, I may be a bit obsessed with boxes. I can always find a use for a good box!
I know I’m not alone on this…
C’mon you guys. I know it’s the unspoken debate in your head too.

Omgosh. I totally forgot this was a Wordless Wednesday post. Ooops. Well, I’ve had a lot of Wordless Wednesdays last year so I’m a little wordy today. 🙂

I’m still totally bummed that Betty White died and I can’t believe everybody’s like, well, she was old. SO WHAT!
My grandma lived to be 104 and it was sad when she died too.
Betty White was cool. It would’ve been nice to see her reach that 100 mark.

Well, we’re in the middle of our first week of the new year. How’s it going for everyone?? It’s pretty good on my end. Things are rolling along. We’ve had a beautiful winter this year which gave us a white Christmas and that was really wonderful. It’s just nice – to me – to look out and see a blanket of white, sparkling snow. My whole life I thought God invented snow just for me because I loved it so much.

Over the holidays I discovered a new show that’s pretty cute and surprise! It’s not a creepy crime show!
It’s on Acorn t.v. – you need a subscription – and it’s called Under the Vines.
It’s filmed in New Zealand and it’s about a man and a woman who inherited a vineyard…

If you are able to watch it I highly recommend it. It just got renewed for a 2nd season so I’m happy about that.

Okay, well, my day is far from over but it’s been a good one and I hope the same is true for you. I hope you’re staying warm, dry, cool, and most importantly, safe, wherever you are. Sleep well!


Be kind ~ Be thankful ~ Be loving ~ Be you!

❤ mimi ❤

14 thoughts on “AND ON THE 4th DAY OF JANUARY…

  1. It’s a miracle on the windows! Yeah! But I’m confused on the 20 minute blanket in a 10 hour car ride. Does that mean she could have made 30 if she wanted to?

    I’ve been organizing drawers and cupboards, too. I went through all our plastic and paper bags, along with gift bags. It is SO hard for me to pitch clothing gift boxes because you can’t get them anymore at department stores (besides there not being many dept stores left!). I keep taping them together to make them last! Sad….

    I love wineries, so that sounds like a good show! Another blogger turned me on to divicast, where you can watch some of those subscription channel shows for free. Some, not all! But I’ll look for it!


    1. Hahahaha. I revised the post. I didn’t realize how confusing it was. He told me all of his info in 20 minutes! Hahahaha. – You would LOVE Under the Vines. I hope you can find a place to watch it. I love just finding these random little gems. I hope they give it more than 2 seasons.


    1. Yes! It’s like I have a neon sign on my head that says “tell me your life story.” But ya’ know, I guess if they need to, it’s okay. – No, Betty White was not old enough! I know it’s silly to think it but it really was like she was going to go on forever… George Burns was another one… Dick Van Dyke is still going strong tho! 😀


  2. Oh yes, I love boxes. I have to make myself throw them out or else I end up with stacks of boxes. And congrats on the window. It must be so nice to finally have that done.


  3. I’m glad you had a good day. We did not have any snow at all until after the New Year this Winter, which is abnormal for Iowa. We also has broke a state record of multiple tornadoes in one day in the month of December which is very abnormal. I too am very sad about Betty White.


  4. I sort of organised a bunch of stuff into plastic crates with lids, so that’s almost as good as boxes, unfortunately it is a lot of stuff that I may or may not still need or use and it is all stored in my garage which is way down the end of a driveway in the complex of flats I live in, so I almost never go down there and have largely forgotten what is is in them.
    Too sad about Betty White, but I bet Heaven is filled with laughter now that she is up there.


    1. Omgosh, River… I have storage filled with plastic crates and like you, I’ve probably forgotten what’s in a lot of them. Currently, I am working on inside storage. People keep telling me to open an Etsy shop so I’m going to attempt it – maybe. If I want to sell what I make I’ve never had a problem without Etsy so we’ll see. 🙂 Oh, I bet the gates opened right up for Betty.. I just loved that she always had that twinkle in her eye.


  5. Yay about your window installation! That one little guy sure shared a lot in less than 20 minutes LOL! But nice to have it finally done. I like using boxes to organize too. I can always find a use for a good box or basket.

    I am so bummed too about Betty White! It really put a damper on New Year’s Eve for me. I was sure she’d live to be 100 but she came darn close and had a rich, full life.

    Fantastic that you had a White Christmas! We didn’t have that here, no snow and it wasn’t even that cold outside at Christmas. But now in January, we’re finally getting our first snow of the season. Karen, you know God did invent snow just for you b/c he knew how much you’d love it!! I’m not a fan of being in snow but I love looking out and seeing a blanket of white, sparkling snow too.

    Love that Betty White quote! She really was special. 🙂


    1. I know, right? Apparently, he felt comfortable. I’m okay with that I guess. – Oh, baskets are great too! Even more difficult to let go of than boxes! – The weather is so wonky lately. My family in Michigan had similar weather. Much warmer than usual but now, like you, are getting hit with the snow and winds and freezing temps. – Obviously, I’m not romping around in the snow like I used to but I still like to walk in it but it’s got to be that perfect, quiet, gently falling, walking snow where you feel like you’re in a snowglobe. 🙂

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