Happy 2nd day of the New Year!
Aside from the current worldly events, how’s the New Year going for you personally? 

I had such grand plans going into the new year.
I made a list of all of the things I was going to get done and it was full speed ahead… Until it wasn’t. 
I was trying to organize find room everything that Santa was kind enough to bring and that involved a lot of heavy lifting, pushing, and pulling, and can I just say this? If you’re over 50 and there are younger and stronger bodies around, let them do this shit. Their bodies still have a lot of oomph left in ’em. Mine does not.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, back pain and I go way “back” – get it? –
So I’m going with the at-home remedies. Hot/cold packs, Ibuprofen, using my massager – no, not that one – stretching, and taking hot baths with Epsom salts. However, I am currently in search of a chiropractor with a magic wand because this sign says it all!

Soooo. Since my back stopped me from continuing with my house organization I decided to do all of my at-home remedies and take a nap. I woke up feeling a little bit better but not much.

My oldest granddaughter called for some Facetime and that definitely made my heart feel good even tho she’s always freaking me out – and making me laugh – with her Nutcracker ornaments.
I am so not a fan of anything Nutcracker. The nutcrackers themselves are creepy and I’m pretty sure that nutcracker music is the music they play on a continuous loop in hell but lit’l Miss K loves it. She loves it so much she falls asleep listening to it! I told her the Nutcracker music makes blood shoot out of my ears so what does she do? She turns it on and turns it up!
Yep. She’s mine…
SIDE NOTE: She is in ballet and they will be doing the Nutcracker. That’s the ONLY time I’ll see it and love it.

Still wanting to actually accomplish something today that didn’t involve heavy lifting I started organizing my online stuff and managed to delete 500 emails. Only about 8,000 more to go…

Yeah Willie… About 8,000 of them, give or take a few hundred…

And this was my day in a nutshell. 
I hope your New Year has started out pain-free and that you’ve had a million reasons to smile today.

Chat with me in the comments.
Be safe. Be well. Be happy. Be kind and I will meet you all back here tomorrow!


❤ XoXo ❤