Pretty much anyone who picked up one of these worthless paperweights.
 This was me half watching the Garbage Golden Globe Awards.
And I really mean only half watching. Most of the time I was up and down doing other things or I was on my phone. I shoulda’ stayed on my phone.

Here’s my top 5 list of celebrity morons that I will never watch in anything ever again.
1.) Meryl Streep
2.) Reese Witherspoon
3.) Barbara Streisand
4.) Seth Rogan (whiner)
5.) Nicole Kidman

These people are the reason parents still ask their kids, “Well, if Meryl jumped off a bridge does that mean you’d jump off a bridge too?” Apparently for the majority of Hollyweird that would be a resounding yes.
I’m not going to critique everyone’s dresses/suits/outfits tonight because we’ve all seen people dressed in black heading to a funeral. Bedazzle that shit and that’s what everyone was wearing.

I would like to point out this woman and I don’t know who she is or what show she’s in but did she not know she was going to an awards ceremony tonight?
Holy fuck. She looks like they just pulled her straight from the nursing home still wearing her nightgown! I do more with my hair and make-up heading to the grocery store!

Ugh. Needless-to-say, if this was the prelude to the Oscars I most definitely won’t be watching those, not even half watching. I don’t often watch the awards shows anyway but obviously every now and again I need a reminder as to why I don’t watch.
Shallow, truly stupid celebrities.
Yep. That’s pretty much it.
I had a super busy morning/afternoon and I’ll share that fun stuff with all of you tomorrow. I’ve been up and running since 5:30 am and I need to close my eyes for a few hours.

I hope all of you had a great Sunday. And I really hope none of you wasted one precious moment of your lives even glancing at those Garbage Globes.

Mimi’s quote for the day –
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I know, I know. Every year I whine about not living like the Jetsons and yet another year has passed and hello??!! Not even a whisper of the Jetson’s lifestyle!

Seriously, my lit’l nerdy tech nuggets get it together and get off the “new and improved” video games, tablets, and smartphones. We have enough of those!
It’s the year 2018 for cripes sake!
What we don’t have enough of is THE JETSONS!
– Jetson’s rant over. –
**Spot the retro, very hip phrase.
Day 2 of the New Year and my friend sends me this –
This is going to be so weird. And, even weirder?
My birthday is April 1st. So, me and the Lamb of God sharing a day. Let that sink in for a minute..
You guys probably don’t want to stand too close to me on that day. A bolt of lightning might come flying down, meant for me, not any of you of course.
Oh, hey, did any of you catch this little announcement?
Hoda – who I love – has taken creepy Matt Lauer’s place as co-anchor on the Today Show.
Fantastic. Love her.
Now get rid of Savannah. I think she’s as fake as any one of those Kardashian lips, tits or ass and that’s pretty damn fake!
If I ran the network. I would do the fair and just thing.
I would fire Savannah – the Matt Lauer lover that I don’t like.
And hire….
That’s right. Ann Curry! She deserves her job back. Douche bag baldy Lauer didn’t like her – probably because she wouldn’t let him cop a feel or drool all over him – so he had her fired. She should be hired back. Her and Hoda would make a great team.
Okay. We’re into day two of the new year, any earth-shattering news to share in your corner of this crazy world?
Anybody make any resolutions? – I don’t make ’em.
Anybody have those nasty burnt tasting black-eyed peas for luck on New Year’s Day?
Who’s stuck in the deep freeze that’s all over the news EVERY day!?
Omgosh, I am so happy that we’re having a “normal” winter here. Enough snow to have a white Christmas and normal winter temps. In fact, the snow is melting now.
The mid-west and all points north and east. Geesh. I’m not sure when you guys are going to thaw! I hope you’re all keeping as warm as you can and I pray you all have heat. I’ve been reading about so many people not having heat and I hope that list doesn’t include any of you!

Wow. Late post. Not sure how the day got away but here it is almost 11pm. Be well my friends and sleep tight!
Sweet dreams ~

Mimi’s quote for the day –
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***Organized, tossed n’ cleaned. Christmas is still up. Took a late night trip to the mall. Listening to my pup snoring. 

One of my crochet groups is having this challenge,
A Granny A Day Crochet-Along.”
We’re following Yarnutopia on YouTube and their
365 Days of Granny Squares tutorials.
This is my square #2.  (I’m using my scrap yarn.)
#YARNutopia #385DaysOfGrannySquares