Pretty much anyone who picked up one of these worthless paperweights.
 This was me half watching the Garbage Golden Globe Awards.
And I really mean only half watching. Most of the time I was up and down doing other things or I was on my phone. I shoulda’ stayed on my phone.

Here’s my top 5 list of celebrity morons that I will never watch in anything ever again.
1.) Meryl Streep
2.) Reese Witherspoon
3.) Barbara Streisand
4.) Seth Rogan (whiner)
5.) Nicole Kidman

These people are the reason parents still ask their kids, “Well, if Meryl jumped off a bridge does that mean you’d jump off a bridge too?” Apparently for the majority of Hollyweird that would be a resounding yes.
I’m not going to critique everyone’s dresses/suits/outfits tonight because we’ve all seen people dressed in black heading to a funeral. Bedazzle that shit and that’s what everyone was wearing.

I would like to point out this woman and I don’t know who she is or what show she’s in but did she not know she was going to an awards ceremony tonight?
Holy fuck. She looks like they just pulled her straight from the nursing home still wearing her nightgown! I do more with my hair and make-up heading to the grocery store!

Ugh. Needless-to-say, if this was the prelude to the Oscars I most definitely won’t be watching those, not even half watching. I don’t often watch the awards shows anyway but obviously every now and again I need a reminder as to why I don’t watch.
Shallow, truly stupid celebrities.
Yep. That’s pretty much it.
I had a super busy morning/afternoon and I’ll share that fun stuff with all of you tomorrow. I’ve been up and running since 5:30 am and I need to close my eyes for a few hours.

I hope all of you had a great Sunday. And I really hope none of you wasted one precious moment of your lives even glancing at those Garbage Globes.

Mimi’s quote for the day –
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  1. I stopped watching these award shows years ago. I admire and enjoy their talents, I don’t give a rats butt about their opinions. They all walk in lock-step, I get it, you’re special, you’re smart, we’re not, still I wish they would STFU and perform.

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  2. I never watch awards shows anymore, but do record some of them, to fast forward through the boring crap. 🙂 Will check out the Golden Globes later today That plain-looking woman is Frances McDormand. Don’t know what she won for this time, but years ago, she starred in a great movie called “Fargo”. Political rhetoric doesn’t belong in this arena, but, that seems to be the norm, especially lately. :p Celebrities’ personalities and opinions haven’t interfered with my enjoyment of their performances, so far. Take Tom Cruise, for example. Not a nice guy (understatement) but one helluva good actor. Hope you get some rest!

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  3. AGREED! I cannot stand the vapid, self congratulatory awards shows. I agree w/ your list of never watching again but I’m not sure who Seth Rogan is. I’ve never seen the big deal about Meryl Streep AT ALL. I didn’t like her in ‘Kramer vs. Kramer’ or anything else thereafter. This celebrity culture is everything that’s wrong with America. People hang on the Kartrashians’ every word and movement but would be hard pressed to name a single state capitol.

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