OH, HI….

I took a little vacay to go back east and spent some time with these beautiful souls…I also got to watch my daughter graduate with her Masters in Education.
SO, SO, proud of her and all of the hard work she put in.
She really is an incredible woman.
Ignore Jim Gaffigan photobombing. We were at the Fox Theatre in Detroit.
And, of course, I visited with my other two sons and their families.
I was gone a month and seriously, this was my time.
The kiddos, the grandkids, quick visits with extended family –
Rinse, repeat.

I missed some family members along the way and I saw zero friends but due to the top photo, I tend to have tunnel vision.

One day I’ll make it back to visit everyone… Promise!
I’ve only been home 4 days so I’m still catching up on sleep and getting back into my time zone. I’m also doing laundry – dread – and cleaning/reorganizing my crafts.
Ssshhhhh: I may or may not have brought more craft stuff back.
I hope all of you are well. I’ve read bits and pieces, caught a post here n’ there. I’ma try and do much better now that I’m home and have nothing on my plate.
Seriously, n-o-t-h-i-n-g!
Time – 9:51am
Temp – 52 degrees F/High today of 67 with partly cloudy skies. I’ll take it!!!
It rained nearly every day when I was back east and then when I got home MORE rain! Today we’ve got sunshine and I am all about that!
Mood – Relaxed…
Bitch, bitch, bitch – Airlines but that’s another post…
Best thing – Being home…
Be well.


First, I would turn it back to when all of my kids were little and at home. I don’t want to change anything because every word and every deed brought me my 3 amazing grandbabies. I just want to spend more time, take more pics, have more talks, more hugs, more kisses..  More “I love yous,” even tho grown son #2 told me just yesterday that all of his friends ask him why we say I love you so much. Then my son and I at the same time said, “Like you can say I love you too much.” I’m happy my kids still hang onto that.
2017-because-you-are-my-child2017-divider-line-blue-icySecond, I would turn it back for all of the cool stuff from my childhood.
This was my favorite toy ever. I kept myself entertained for hours until my brother came along and bumped my masterpiece.
2017-toys-etch-a-sketchI had this Barbie head too and melted the hair when I tried to use a curling iron on it.
I used to love playing these on the kitchen floor and the driveway.
2017-toys-jacksThis stuff is still around and altho as a kid I thought it was very cool, what the hell were my parents thinking??? This stuff is SO toxic.  Every time you inhaled to blow the balloon bigger you were inhaling those toxins.
2017-toys-plastic-bubblesMy favorite car ride toy.
2017-toys-wormAnd EVERY Sunday I would wait sooooo stinkin’ patiently for my dad to finish the Sunday paper so I could have the funnies and do this…
2017-toys-silly-putty2017-divider-line-blue-icyI miss the simple stuff. Mostly I miss the people I used to share the simple stuff with.
I still buy coloring books – the real ones not the over-priced “adult” coloring books – and crayons and I can lose myself in coloring for hours.

If you could turn back time but change nothing, where would you go, what would you do and with who?

What are some things you miss from being a kid?
2017-divider-line-blue-icySorry for the late post. We actually got a foot of snow today and more is coming down. I’m so surprised. Last year we had a couple of dustings. I had to run to the store before everyone else was running there. So happy I made it there and back without personal incident altho I did witness several fender benders, sideswipes and fish tails going on around me.

They don’t salt the roads here. They put a deicer on them and then sand but they only do it on the main roads so getting around our neighborhood and out onto the main road was slow going and a little hinky.

It’s good to be home safe n’ sound. Time to snuggle in with my book and some cafe’ mocha.
Happy Wednesday!
2017-divider-line-blue-icyMimi’s quote for the day –