OH, HI….

I took a little vacay to go back east and spent some time with these beautiful souls…I also got to watch my daughter graduate with her Masters in Education.
SO, SO, proud of her and all of the hard work she put in.
She really is an incredible woman.
Ignore Jim Gaffigan photobombing. We were at the Fox Theatre in Detroit.
And, of course, I visited with my other two sons and their families.
I was gone a month and seriously, this was my time.
The kiddos, the grandkids, quick visits with extended family –
Rinse, repeat.

I missed some family members along the way and I saw zero friends but due to the top photo, I tend to have tunnel vision.

One day I’ll make it back to visit everyone… Promise!
I’ve only been home 4 days so I’m still catching up on sleep and getting back into my time zone. I’m also doing laundry – dread – and cleaning/reorganizing my crafts.
Ssshhhhh: I may or may not have brought more craft stuff back.
I hope all of you are well. I’ve read bits and pieces, caught a post here n’ there. I’ma try and do much better now that I’m home and have nothing on my plate.
Seriously, n-o-t-h-i-n-g!
Time – 9:51am
Temp – 52 degrees F/High today of 67 with partly cloudy skies. I’ll take it!!!
It rained nearly every day when I was back east and then when I got home MORE rain! Today we’ve got sunshine and I am all about that!
Mood – Relaxed…
Bitch, bitch, bitch – Airlines but that’s another post…
Best thing – Being home…
Be well.

16 thoughts on “OH, HI….

  1. Welcome back! 🙂 Lovely family you have there, Mimi. And congratulations to your daughter!

    We had the same wet, cold weather as Michigan and it’s still chilly for this time of year. Yes, any day without rain is welcome.

    Post-travel laundry is such fun, isn’t it? 😛 Oh well, you can do it at your leisure. Have a good weekend!

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    1. Thank you, Debbie! Omgosh.. So many days I wished for rain out here but holy smokes, that’s a lot of rain back there! And cold! I’ve still got a suitcase to empty but I had 3 missed episodes from The Game of Thrones and I had to get those in! 😀 Priorities. Hahahaha. – It’s been a beautiful weekend thus far. I hope yours is great as well! 😀

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    1. Thank you, Mimi, I did! I will pass your congratulations on. She is really an amazing girl. 🙂


  2. Congrats to your daughter! So hard to go back to school when you’re a mom. You have some very sweet grandchildren, Mimi. My first granddaughter is coming in August (have 1 grandson already), so we are excited!

    I’d love to read a post bitching about the airlines. When I need a good laugh, I read Trip Advisor reviews on United Airlines.

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    1. Thank you, Bijoux! Congratulations on your grandbaby! That is super exciting!!! You know, I got to sit front row and see just a small sliver of how she did it.. Full-time job, full-time school, a husband, 2 kids… Not only does she work her ass off, but her husband is really a great partner in crime with her. 🙂 The kids have a schedule and mom n’ dad have a united front. And dad works too, he owns a pub so he’s juggling but they do it flawlessly and I am just in awe. Lots of love and teamwork going on. 🙂 – Omg.. The airlines… That will be a 110% bitch fest. Stay tuned. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much! It’s great to be home but I sure do miss everyone! Still working on the laundry… :/


  3. Karen, welcome home, and it’s really special that you were able to take a little vacay and spend time with your family. Congrats to your daughter on getting her Master’s in Education, that’s awesome! I’m so happy for you that you could be there with her on her special day. Love all the pictures you’ve posted (LOL about Jim Gaffigan photobombing!). You have a beautiful (and very good-looking!) family. Also love the great pic of you in your collage. 🙂



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