(Q)UIET – Blogging from A to Z

Despite being the coolest of cool I’m actually a closet nerd and I was going to post on quantum physics for my “Q” word but that’s actually two words and a huge topic to tackle in one post.
Instead, I chose the word QUIET.
A word most people would not associate with me but hey! I have my moments!
Pretty sure nobody has these thought bubbles about me.This is especially true if you’re in a little social gathering and some douche bag walks up and starts spewing forth a bunch of bullshit. I just kinda’ sit there and wait for the rope to tighten around his neck before I throw in my two cents.
“Not only are you full of yourself. You’re full of shit.”
Why do people invite me to things???
I am NEVER attracted to this person. I am SUSPECT of this person.
This person lacks social skills and apparently graduated from the Helen Keller school of speech.
This person is planning a homicide.See????? It’s the quiet guy at the party. Or it’s my creepy neighbor with the tote full of naked Barbies. Come to think of it. I’ve never heard him speak either…Wait. What??? How does that work???I miss my loud lit’l munchkins but I’ve got some up n’ coming loud lit’l grand-munchkins so the beat goes on, huh?
And now that song is playing in my head…
One of those times is missing from my watch.
Thank you Mel Brooks. You get me.
True story.
Quiet may actually describe my day ahead as the majority of it will be spent doing a lot of reading, a little sewing, and sitting in on a Catholic webinar series.
It’s not even noon and it’s almost 80 degrees! – I’m lovin’ it. – April 20th and I’ve already got a tan!
I hope you’re having great weather wherever you are and that your day brings you the level of quietness you require. I suspect much like sleep, that level is different for all of us.
Make it a great day and Happy A to Z’ing to my fellow A to Z’ers!
Only 9 days left!