Why do people spit in public?
And no offense but it’s mostly guys. I’ve only ever seen one woman in my entire life spit in public and she packed a can of Skoal in her back pocket.
Either way, male or female, it’s disgusting.

I was sitting at a light today and the guy in front of me opens his driver door and hocks a big ‘ol luggie on to the street.
I pulled into the parking lot at “Burlington Coat Factory,” I open my door and a big ‘ol luggie right where I need to step! – I found a luggie free parking spot… –
I’m coming out of Albertson’s (grocery store) and a big ‘ol luggie right on the mat where people come n’ go.

Why??? Seriously? Do people have some kind of freak medical condition that causes them to salivate so much that they can’t help but leave rivers of spit and swamps of luggies everywhere they go???

I mean I totally get it if you’re up in the woods, or on your own property, spit away.
Hell, spit until you’re as dry and shriveled as a 200-year-old vagina but for fuck’s sake, stop spitting in public!
It’s vile and disgusting, and nobody wants to see it, let alone step in it!

And, FYI, there are some states that still list spitting as a crime, and in ALL states you could be charged with assault and battery if you spit AT or ON someone and your big ‘ol slimy luggie happens to land in their eye or on their person.

Of course, if someone even thought for one split nanosecond that they were going to spit at me, let alone on me?? They’d have a helluva’ lot more to worry about than an assault and battery charge, they’d be worrying about that funeral home charge and you’d all be watching me on an episode of “Snapped!”
Not even kidding.

It’s probably not a good idea to spit at or on police officers either.
Spitting on the PoPo?
Yeah, that’s a big, huge, no no..
A woman in Texas got sentenced to 5 years in prison.

This is what’s on my mocha mind at midnight.
What’s on yours??
Happy Tuesday!


Happy Monday everybody!!
Kickin’ it old school…
Remember when we all first started blogging and we did these surveys??

A – Age = 52
Holy shit I’m old!

B – Biggest Fear = This…

C – Current time = 5 o’clock somewhere…

D – Drink of choice = Coffee, Java, Cuppa Joe, Jitter Juice!

E – Escalator or Elevator = Escalator! No.more.creepy.elevators!

F – Favorite song – ‘Everything I Do’ by Bryan Adams. It’s my kids’ song..

G – Grandma, Grandpa = All in heaven..
Grandpa (paternal) quote – “I wouldn’t leave a dying dog laying in a ditch.”
Grandma (maternal) quote – “If you can’t find a man with a million dollars, find a million men with a dollar each.”
(Angel Stew & Devil’s Brew.. It’s in my blood..)

H – Hair = Short n’ spikey. (See pic in sidebar)

I – Ice Cream = Superman!

J – Jelly Beans = My absolute fave??? THE BLACK ONES!!!!

K – Killed someone? = Yes.

Not as satisfying as the real deal but it counts.

L – Lemon or Lime = Lime.

M – Movie = ‘Serendipity.’

N – Naughty or Nice = Depends on who you ask and what I want..

Pretty much…

O – Oranges or Orgasms = Yeah.. Let me think about that one for a nano second.

P – Person who called you last = My little sister.

This makes me laugh..

Q – Queen = The one and only, my favorite of all time!

NO! Not this one. And FYI, I will never call him Caitlyn.

THIS Queen, the true Queen, the beautiful Queen I want to meet one day, with the handsome grandson that I’d want to have sex with one day if it wasn’t for the fact that I could’ve given birth to him myself..

R – Random fact about me = I’m a closet nerd and can’t read enough about quantum physics.
True story.

S – Song you last sang = ‘Only The Good Die Young’ by Billy Joel.

T – Treat = Fresh caught n’ canned salmon. Soooo delicious!

U – Underwear color = Invisible. I don’t wear ’em.
What? She doesn’t wear underwear, that’s disgusting…

V – Veggies = Avocado

Isn’t that the truth???

W – Weather = Fall has arrived and I am lovin’ it!

X – If you had x-ray vision what would you it for? = Um, hello, what wouldn’t I use it for???
Mainly I’d use it to see what’s under this suit…

Y – Yesterday = Memories…

Z – Zodiac sign = Aries

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Yesterday I took a sick day, actually it was just a “blah” day. I just wasn’t feelin’ it, whatever “it” is. Seriously, I stayed in my pajamas and just laid in bed all day – all day – I got up only to go pee and eat hot dogs, just hot dogs, lunch and dinner, hot dogs. Not even kidding. It was that kinda’ day for me.

Today is my baby girl’s birthday.. I can’t believe 31 years have passed. Time seems to take flight quickly through the most precious parts of our lives.. If I could have one wish in life it would be to turn back the clocks, not necessarily for a “do over” but more so for an “enjoy over..” I really enjoyed my kids when they were growing up and I would love to be able to go back and enjoy them all over again, a million times more, and then another million on top of that.. I was blessed, am blessed, forever will be blessed.. Three amazing Princes and one incredibly intelligent, beautiful Princess.. Thank you God..

Happy Birthday to my lit’l Princess.. Mommy loves you Sweetpea..


Frivolous shit I’d actually own or give as gifts, if my bank account was overflowing. – Therein lies the fantasy…

RENOVA COLORED TOILET PAPER = $20 bucks for a package of three rolls.

It’d be cool for Halloween, and yep, I’d buy it just for Halloween.


I just like anything crocodile, except maybe the crocodile itself.. Something about those teeth n’ beady eyes and that hellacious tail..


Just because it’s cool, and I really don’t like these plastic keyboards.

NESMUK DIAMOND STUDDED KNIFE = Hold on to your asses.. $39,600 buck-a-roos! Totally worth it for me..

I actually would buy this, it’s beautiful and cool and.. “This pricey piece of cutlery consists of a carbon steel blade and a sterling silver handle adorned with 8 diamonds.”

This gold backpack for $1,650 I wouldn’t buy.

And I wouldn’t buy this gold light switch for $250 either.

But this.. THIS 24k gold gem among gems for a measly $325???

THIS, I would most definitely buy!
(You seriously didn’t see this coming?? Um, hello, this is me we’re talking about…)
“Why does this vibrator cost $325? Is it because this Little Gold toy is silent, or because it’s waterproof and long lasting? Or does it simply come down to the fact that it’s made of 24k gold? Either way, being rich is about indulging yourself and is there really a better way to do that than with a 24K Gold vibrator you can use in your giant indoor swimming pool?”

You can find all of the above, here, and many, many more frivolous items to help deplete your overflowing bank accounts.

Happy Blogging everyone, and Happy Frivolous Fantasy Friday!!!!


I’m pretty sure that’s the way that goes. I make plans and God laughs and says, “Oh my mouthy lit’l Italian rebel, when will you ever learn??” Of course my answer to that is, apparently never because here I am making plans to participate and succeed in two blogging challenges for the month of October.
Yeah, me who couldn’t even finish my beloved Corinne’s ‘September Challenge’ over at ‘Everyday Gyaan.’ In my defense though, truly an unforeseen set of circumstances came up and that had me running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, however, breathing a great, big sigh of relief, I’m happy to say those circumstances have changed..
– After nearly two weeks in the hospital, my sister is going home today. Hip, hip, hooray!!
So, the challenges.
I’m linking up with Blogher and their monthly NaBloPoMo challenge, and I’m linking up with a challenge new to me, over at ‘31 Days‘. ‘I’m going to pick and choose prompts as the mood strikes me, thus, the name of my personal, blog challenge for the month of October is “Controlled Chaos.”

NaBloPoMo – Oct. 1, 2015
“Tell us about your most beloved family dish?”

See what I did here??

This is our family dish.
What’s yours?

Let me know where you guys are linking up this month!

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