(O)PTIMIST & (P)ROMISE – Blogging A to Z

Another “double dip” post, and I apologize.
Yesterday I had one of those aaallll day, wrap around your head, never gonna’ let you go, throbbing headaches and nothing – nothing – would touch it!
No medicine, no exercise, no hot shower, hot rice packs, cold rice packs.
My head was quite literally, closed for business.
I climbed in bed and listened to the Rosary on auto-play.
Not even kidding.
So, here I am today with the letters O and P.
O is Optimist – which I always try to be. –
And P is for  Promise.- which I always do my best to keep.
It won’t be a long post since it’s a “toofer” and since the devil took all day yesterday from me. I’m gonna’ go ahead and just give this post to the angels.
This is so me.

Think on that for a moment…
I hope you’ve all had a great start to your week and that it only continues to get better from here on out. When my head hasn’t been exploding or imploding, I’ve been attempting to make a dent in my summer reading. Yeah, yeah, I know. Summer isn’t here yet. But I’ve got a lot of books to get thru! You won’t believe how many books I can stuff into a bag at a book sale!

I’ve also been working on some summer tops and dresses for myself because even though it might not technically be summer our weather says otherwise and this girl needs light and airy!
Once upon a time this girl would’ve been sitting around in dental floss.
Seriously could’ve lived in a nudist colony… 
Happy Tuesday folks and Happy A to Z’ing! No matter what your day brings, just remember. In the words of Gene Simmon’s (KISS) mom, “Every day above ground is a good day!”