Happy Monday everybody!!
Kickin’ it old school…
Remember when we all first started blogging and we did these surveys??

A – Age = 52
Holy shit I’m old!

B – Biggest Fear = This…

C – Current time = 5 o’clock somewhere…

D – Drink of choice = Coffee, Java, Cuppa Joe, Jitter Juice!

E – Escalator or Elevator = Escalator! No.more.creepy.elevators!

F – Favorite song – ‘Everything I Do’ by Bryan Adams. It’s my kids’ song..

G – Grandma, Grandpa = All in heaven..
Grandpa (paternal) quote – “I wouldn’t leave a dying dog laying in a ditch.”
Grandma (maternal) quote – “If you can’t find a man with a million dollars, find a million men with a dollar each.”
(Angel Stew & Devil’s Brew.. It’s in my blood..)

H – Hair = Short n’ spikey. (See pic in sidebar)

I – Ice Cream = Superman!

J – Jelly Beans = My absolute fave??? THE BLACK ONES!!!!

K – Killed someone? = Yes.

Not as satisfying as the real deal but it counts.

L – Lemon or Lime = Lime.

M – Movie = ‘Serendipity.’

N – Naughty or Nice = Depends on who you ask and what I want..

Pretty much…

O – Oranges or Orgasms = Yeah.. Let me think about that one for a nano second.

P – Person who called you last = My little sister.

This makes me laugh..

Q – Queen = The one and only, my favorite of all time!

NO! Not this one. And FYI, I will never call him Caitlyn.

THIS Queen, the true Queen, the beautiful Queen I want to meet one day, with the handsome grandson that I’d want to have sex with one day if it wasn’t for the fact that I could’ve given birth to him myself..

R – Random fact about me = I’m a closet nerd and can’t read enough about quantum physics.
True story.

S – Song you last sang = ‘Only The Good Die Young’ by Billy Joel.

T – Treat = Fresh caught n’ canned salmon. Soooo delicious!

U – Underwear color = Invisible. I don’t wear ’em.
What? She doesn’t wear underwear, that’s disgusting…

V – Veggies = Avocado

Isn’t that the truth???

W – Weather = Fall has arrived and I am lovin’ it!

X – If you had x-ray vision what would you it for? = Um, hello, what wouldn’t I use it for???
Mainly I’d use it to see what’s under this suit…

Y – Yesterday = Memories…

Z – Zodiac sign = Aries

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Yesterday I took a sick day, actually it was just a “blah” day. I just wasn’t feelin’ it, whatever “it” is. Seriously, I stayed in my pajamas and just laid in bed all day – all day – I got up only to go pee and eat hot dogs, just hot dogs, lunch and dinner, hot dogs. Not even kidding. It was that kinda’ day for me.

Today is my baby girl’s birthday.. I can’t believe 31 years have passed. Time seems to take flight quickly through the most precious parts of our lives.. If I could have one wish in life it would be to turn back the clocks, not necessarily for a “do over” but more so for an “enjoy over..” I really enjoyed my kids when they were growing up and I would love to be able to go back and enjoy them all over again, a million times more, and then another million on top of that.. I was blessed, am blessed, forever will be blessed.. Three amazing Princes and one incredibly intelligent, beautiful Princess.. Thank you God..

Happy Birthday to my lit’l Princess.. Mommy loves you Sweetpea..