Why do people spit in public?
And no offense but it’s mostly guys. I’ve only ever seen one woman in my entire life spit in public and she packed a can of Skoal in her back pocket.
Either way, male or female, it’s disgusting.

I was sitting at a light today and the guy in front of me opens his driver door and hocks a big ‘ol luggie on to the street.
I pulled into the parking lot at “Burlington Coat Factory,” I open my door and a big ‘ol luggie right where I need to step! – I found a luggie free parking spot… –
I’m coming out of Albertson’s (grocery store) and a big ‘ol luggie right on the mat where people come n’ go.

Why??? Seriously? Do people have some kind of freak medical condition that causes them to salivate so much that they can’t help but leave rivers of spit and swamps of luggies everywhere they go???

I mean I totally get it if you’re up in the woods, or on your own property, spit away.
Hell, spit until you’re as dry and shriveled as a 200-year-old vagina but for fuck’s sake, stop spitting in public!
It’s vile and disgusting, and nobody wants to see it, let alone step in it!

And, FYI, there are some states that still list spitting as a crime, and in ALL states you could be charged with assault and battery if you spit AT or ON someone and your big ‘ol slimy luggie happens to land in their eye or on their person.

Of course, if someone even thought for one split nanosecond that they were going to spit at me, let alone on me?? They’d have a helluva’ lot more to worry about than an assault and battery charge, they’d be worrying about that funeral home charge and you’d all be watching me on an episode of “Snapped!”
Not even kidding.

It’s probably not a good idea to spit at or on police officers either.
Spitting on the PoPo?
Yeah, that’s a big, huge, no no..
A woman in Texas got sentenced to 5 years in prison.

This is what’s on my mocha mind at midnight.
What’s on yours??
Happy Tuesday!