To my faithful readers, I know this will come as no surprise to you, but two words top my least favorite store to Christmas shop at or do any other kind of shopping at.

Fucking Walmart!

The products don’t bother me. They sell pretty much the same crap as every other store. Sometimes they’re the cheaper option. Sometimes they’re not. They price match but so do a lot of other stores. My biggest issue with Walmart is, in fact, the people of Walmart. From the so-called managers, who I personally wouldn’t let manage a room full of stuffed animals, let alone an entire store! To the cashiers, to the stockers, to the actual shoppers themselves.

Ya’ ever notice when you walk into Walmart the only person doing their job, and doing it well, are the Walmart door greeters? And most of them are special needs people! There’s your insight to the rest of the employees that half-assed work there. It has been my experience that 99.9% of all Walmart employees are disgruntled, lazy and I’m guessing barely made it out of elementary school. – Just a guess. –  Aside from the door greeters, the only employees you see even attempting to give off the appearance of working are the THREE cashiers at the THREE lines that are open!  They’re still disgruntled and their level of intelligence is questionable, but they’re there!
All THREE of ’em!
Yet another reason I don’t shop there.

It’s the universal Walmart complaint. 500 check out lanes and those dumb ass managers will NEVER open more than three fucking lines! Why??? Clearly they have the help – such as it is – because you’ll find these fine employees in clusters scattered all around the store bitching and complaining about their personal shit. Or worse, you’ll get to witness as I have in the past, one toothless minimum wage worker flirting with some other toothless minimum wage worker  hidden behind a Christmas tree! NOT.EVEN.KIDDING! I’m surprised I still have my sight!
It was frightening!

Another Walmart complaint. Why aren’t all of the Walmarts laid out the same??? Aside from the pharmacy and outdoor section, nothing is ever in the same place from store to store. Sometimes the light bulbs are in automotive, sometimes they’re in the grocery. Ya’ know where they never are??? In the lighting department! C’mon Walmart, get it together. You’ve got a million stores all over. Helen Keller should be able to walk in and find a fucking lightbulb!

The Walmart shoppers themselves? Especially the laaaate night early morning shoppers??? I don’t even have enough time. Just Google “people of Walmart.”

My #1 tip for shopping at Walmart?  If you must ask one of those blue vested brainless wonders for help and their name tag has every letter of the alphabet in it JUST.MOVE.ON. they don’t speak English and you’d have better luck asking Stevie Wonder where the fucking lightbulbs are!


My favorite store? Kohl’s. It’s always clean. They have great stuff and you get that Kohl’s cash!

And then there’s this…

What about YOU? Where do you like to shop and what store would you rather slice your eyelids off than walk into?

14 thoughts on “THE STORE WE LOVE TO HATE

  1. I’d rather slice my eyelids off than shop for clothes or worse, shoes. I shop at Walmart out of necessity though. Don’t like it, but sadly they are cheap and convenient.

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  2. Hahahahaha! I just left a comment on your blog telling you to invest in some good footwear to go down and get that glass! Yeah, see, that’s how Walmart sucks people in. Convenience and low prices. I plan my shopping trips and bypass Walmart every chance I get. It’s rare I go in there anymore. It’s just worth it to me to travel 5 miles down the road and get whatever I need somewhere else but I live in a fairly convenient city so I have options.


  3. you had me at FUCKING WALMART! bhaaaahaaa!!!
    three checkouts open that’s exactly it!

    i hated walmart when i lived in the states. i would make a special trip once per month for toilet paper, kleenex, paper towel and great value med salsa. true story. otherwise i steered clear.

    i have never seen anyone in person dressed up like the freak shows from ‘the people of walmart’.
    i’m convinced most of that has to be staged or maybe i only been in the ”fancy” walmarts? is there such a thing?
    sure i’ve seen some buttcrack and my share of pj wearing shoppers but nothing like ‘the people of walmart’.

    i do have to admit when i hit the states i have an actual walmart shopping list because i can get what i need in one location and i’m always there on borrowed time so it just works for me.
    #womanwithmullet #wolfboy

    i hate khol’s. i go off on a rant every time i’m in there and it’s never my choice to go in there, i’m along for the ride and they should all know by now i’m gonnnnnnna bitch!
    the false pricing… i can be found yelling between isles to whomever i’m with…
    if it was a $30 sweater and it’s on sale for $20… okay then that’s realistic otherwise knock that shit off.
    #ifuckinghatekhols #itwasneverafucking70dollarsweater

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    1. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Omg.. I have totally seen those Walmart people and it’s disgusting! I use Costco for my big shop stuff and then our local grocery store for – weird – groceries, and then Ace Hardware for house stuff. I HAAATTTTEEEEE Walmart. I banned them and succeeded in not stepping foot in one for 14 months once. It was heaven. – As for Kohl’s… I LOVE THEM! I think everything in there is reasonably priced and I know nothing of this fake pricing you speak of. However. I do think you and I need to attend some WKSA (Walmart Kohl’s Shoppers Anonymous) classes.. Hahahaha


      1. really?! maybe it’s changed in the last 5-6 years. JCP did the same thing (i know one owns the other, or did) the pricing was terrible. just made no sense or it was a michigan store thing.
        i’ve never been in a costco but all i ever hear is how wonderful it is. nothing like that over here.
        i have seen lady mullet, wolf boy, goat boy and grandpa’s crack.

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      2. Yes! I have totally seen those Walmart people, especially in broad daylight! It’s amazing to me that people leave the house like that! And yeah, Kohl’s out here is wonderful I love that they have a clean store and plenty of people offering assistance. And Costco? Omg.. I could spend a million dollars in that store…


  4. I don’t shop at either one of these places. Don’t care for either one of these places. I hate to shop anywhere. I’ll do it right here in the comfort of my office. That’s where most of my shopping is one. Online.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

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    1. Ah, that is the perfect plan CP. Online shopping. Totally omitted that from my post. I like to do that too but I really do like to get out n’ about in all of the hustle n’ bustle of the holidays. I just refuse to hustle n’ bustle in Walmart.


  5. Yes, we all love to hate Walmart! I actually hate ALL stores around Christmas! The crowds, the forced cheerfulness, the crowds, they never have what/the size I need….and did I mention the crowds? I used to catalog shop before the internet! Loved it Karen!

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  6. I don’t mind the crowds. I like milling about in my own bubble of Christmas cheer, and I’m a store hopper shopper. If I can’t find something I will boom-a-rang around Boise in search of. I just won’t boom-a-rang around Walmart.



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