BOOKS, SNOW N’ ICE, SUN N’ SAND – Pick Yer Poison

Some days the better question would be, “What aren’t you reading today?!” Yesterday, however, there was no time for reading or blogging, apparently. It’s that time of year folks and I am knee deep in all things Christmas so today is a double post covering yesterday and today. Which, I’m sure is considered “cheating” is some realm of the blogging world but hey, it’s my blog. I can double post if I want!

Lately, my typical reading day has been starting out like this.

Afternoon light reading has been this.
I love Danielle Steel and one day I hope I can say that I’ve read all of her books.

I round out the evening with this.
I do start and end my days with reading the Bible. All books in between are subject to change.

Today’s post?
I’m gonna’ have to go with snow bunny on this one because I do so love my snow and I will always love my snow. That being said, because I’m getting flippin’ old, I have been toying with the idea of spending Christmas some place warm. I’m not ready for the 6/6 split of 6 months in the north, 6 months in the south but a lit’l warm up would be nice.

What about you? What are you reading? And where would you prefer to be reading it? Curled up next to a cosy fire with the snow softly falling outside. Or, lounging on the beach in dental floss listening to the ocean waves??

9 thoughts on “BOOKS, SNOW N’ ICE, SUN N’ SAND – Pick Yer Poison

  1. Well I’m reading the Harry Potter series for the ten trillionth time but I do love those books. And mine are STILL in boxes from my move in 2011. I’m not crazy about the bitter cold and I loathe snow, but you can still have a decent winter in Western WA. Cozy rain and dark days, chilly but not bitter cold, occasional snow that doesn’t last long. If I could I would spend my winters up there. And my summers. Oh hell I if I could I’d just move back year round!!!!!!!!

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    • I haven’t read one of the Harry Potter books or seen any of the movies. Bits n’ pieces here n’ there, but I’ve never sat down to watch them. I was waiting for all of the craziness to go away, but I’m guessing that’s never gonna’ happen so I’ll put them on my reading list for 2016. 🙂 I know I will always have to live in a state that has snow. It doesn’t have to be around me but I definitely need to be able to get to it. Lately, I’d like to get to it, get my fix and then leave. 🙂 And, I would like to spend a Christmas, just the holiday, one year, with the sun and sand. I’ll be planning on that..


  2. I think you need some lighter reading, like…oh I don’t know, some Craig Johnson!!! Lol
    Seriously you need to read “The Cold Dish”!!! How else can we discuss how you are sooo “Vic”?


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